Washington County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

Washington County, Arkansas Genealogy

Washington County, next to Benton County on the north, is in the northwest corner of Arkansas, lying against the Indian Territory on the west, and bounded on the east and south by Madison and Crawford Counties, respectively. It embraces twenty-seven townships and an area of 569,600 acres, divided almost equally into valleys, plateaus and inclined surfaces or terraces.

When the pioneers first made Washington County their home there were large areas of prairie which are now covered with a more or less dense growth of timber. The site of Fayetteville and several of the surrounding elevations, as well as the intervening valleys, were bare of timber, and were covered with a luxuriant growth of grasses, which afforded excellent pasturage for buffaloes and other herbivorous animals.

Washington County History

History of Washington County, Arkansas

The title of this section doesn’t accurately reflect the material available. In it you’ll find mention of many of the early and illustrious settlers of Washington County, put in such a light, that mere facts alone cannot do justice.

Contributions of genealogical and historical information is the backbone of any county website. It is people like you, who have data on specific individuals, and would like to see that information placed online for posterity, which makes a county site successful. So if you have some data to share or just want to say hi, feel free to leave me a comment.

Links to data appear to the right side in the navigational section, unless the data is “new” and that will always appear towards the bottom of the index page for the site. The search is specific to Arkansas genealogy and not just Washington County… as such, you will get matches for names in other counties. That could be a good thing, or bad, depending on your exact search.

The goal of this website is to freely provide you with as much genealogical and historical information concerning Washington County, Arkansas as is practical. Since I do not reside in the county, I cannot provide onsite genealogical assistance, but can provide guidance and online assistance to your genealogical research. If you don’t ask a question then I definitely cannot help you… so please ask!

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  1. Was there new jobs opening in the Fayettville area between 1880 and 1900? I have several family members from many areas like Texas, Tenn, and Missouri ending up in that area. We even have one from Penn. I’m just trying to find out what the draw to that area during those times could you help me understand?

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