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Yell Township

On the 29th day of April, 1886, A. Twiggs and others presented to the court a petition for the formation of a new township, to be composed from parts of Ball, Flint and Hico, and bounded as follows, to-wit: “Commencing at...

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War Service

A company of soldiers was raised in Benton County, by Capt. Henry L. Smith, for the Mexican War. They went as far as Fort Smith, but the quota having been filled they were not accepted. A portion of them, however, then joined...

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Washington Township

On the 1st day of May, 1886, J. C. Hopkins, B. C. Martin, Martin R. Walker and others presented to the court a petition for the formation of a new township within the following boundary lines, to-wit: “Beginning at the...

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Sulphur Springs Township

This delightful summer resort is beautifully situated in the vale of Butler Creek, on Section 23, Township 21 north, Range 33 west, and on the line of the survey of the Kansas City, Fort Smith & Southern Railroad, now graded...

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Van Hollow Township

This very lively place is situated on Section 22, Township 19 north, Range 28 west, and is worthy of especial mention on account of its being the headquarters of the native lumber industry of Benton and other counties. Peter...

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War Eagle Valley

This little village, consisting of the War Eagle Roller Mills, a large general store, blacksmith shop, and other industries, together with a small number of residences, is located in the beautiful and romantic valley of War...

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Springtown, a beautiful village is located on Flint Creek, eighteen miles southwest from Bentonville. It derives its name from its famous spring, which flows from the foot of a bank in the valley not more than fifteen feet high....

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Siloam City

This city is situated on Sager’s Creek, in Hico Township, twenty-eight miles southwest from Bentonville, and has a population of about 1,500. It is within two miles of the western and six miles of the southern line of the...

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The Sixteenth Sections

When the State of Arkansas was organized Congress donated to it the sixteenth section of land in each Congressional township for the support of common schools, providing that these lands should be sold or leased, and that the...

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