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Old Dallas Cemetery, Old Dallas, Arkansas

Seven miles East of Mena on Highway 375 East, Left on Polk 44, cemetery on right.SW, NW, Section 33, Township 2 South, Range 30 WestParcel # 5070 The Polk County Courthouse records show that the first owner of forty acres of land, which the Old Dallas Cemetery is a part, was Walter Scott, in November 1849. Old Dallas was a county seat in November 1844. Polk County was formed from territory taken from Sevier County. Forty-two years later, in 1896, the county seat was moved three miles north to the railroad and named Mena to honor the wife of a …

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Norris Cemetery, Yocana, Arkansas

Ten miles East on Highway 88 from the intersection of Highway 71 and 88 East, on land owned by Nick Bowen (2/1/1984)Section 13, Township 2 South, Range 29 WestParcel # ? The land for this cemetery was donated by Dr. J. A. Norris about 1862. it is located in a field on the south side of the road. Although there is no tombstone or marker for his grave, it is believed that a civil war soldier by the name of Shelton was the first person buried in this cemetery. Norris Cemetery is also called Yucanna (Yocana) according to most of …

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Nichols Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

About five miles West of Hatfield on State Highway 246 on the right between Polk 38 and Polk 151.SE, NW, Section 8, Township 3 South, Range 32 WestParcel # 10366 This history of Nichols Cemetery was given to Ruby Martin by Thelma Nichols Owners (Mrs. Raymond Owens), the great grand-daughter of Jim Nichols. Sam and Jim Nichols came to Arkansas with their father in 1840 from Alabama. They settled in the area which, years later, became the West Valley Community. Sam lived on the land on which the cemetery is now located. Jim lived across the Mountain Fork River. When …

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Mountain Fork Cemetery, Mountain Fork, Arkansas

Eleven miles West of Mena on Highway 8 WestN/2 of Section 29, Township 1 South, Range 32 WestNot on the Polk County, Arkansas Tax Roll Internments Fields, Jesse L – 1-25-1940 to 4-17-1949 Fields, Samuel E – 1893-1977 – PFC US Army WW #1 Freeman, Hugh – 10-17-1900 to 2-24-1981 Gray, Missouri Kathryn – 9-4-1866 to 9-21-1921 Keller, Jacob H, 11-26-1856 to 11-28-1922 Keller, Sarah A, 3-2-1860 to 4-17-1920 Peters, Baby – No Date Child of James & Beulah Reed, Battie L – 9-29-1902 to 12-4-1969 Reed, Billy Don – 1950-1950 Reed, Vina Emma – 10-15-1870 to 8-22-1946 Reed, Wendell …

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Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Rocky, Arkansas

Six miles West of Mena on Highway 8SW,SW, Section 17, Township 2 South, Range 31 WestParcel # 6018 Internments Addison, Christopher Luther – 1912-1917 – Tec 5 US Army WW2 Addison, Nora E. – 11/29/1893-5/6/1975 Addison, Warren B. – 11/7/1892-6/3/1978 Bain, John H. – 8/15/1905-12/31/1977 Bain, Matilda A. – 10/2/1904-? Boggs, Luther – 1/20/1898-8/15/1983 Crawford, Alice Marie – born and died – 7/2/1949 Crawford, Loyd Austin – 3/8/1947-3/12/1947 Crawford, Pool A. – 1909-1980 – Pfc US Army WW2 Crane, Dorothy E. – 1918-? Crane, John Victor – 1899-1975 Harrison, David S. – 12/5/1892-10/3/1957 – Pvt 161 Inf Ark WW 1 …

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McDaniel Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

This cemetery is located about two miles south east of Hatfield off the Old Line Road (Polk 31) about one hundred yards on the west side, just before crossing Six Mile Creek. the land where this cemetery is located was owned by Lawrence Parsons on 3/15/1984. SW, Section 25, Township 3 South, Range 32 WestNo Parcel # Very few people remember this cemetery and those who do can remember only one burial. That is the burial of the mother of Tone Hays, the caretaker of the Six-Mile Cemetery and a freed Negro slave. There are other stones here and it …

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Moore Cemetery, Bethesda, Arkansas

This cemetery is located on the land now owned by John Hilton (1984). Mr. Hilton is interest in contacting the people who have relatives buried here. He would like to have the cemetery restored and fenced as it was at one time. It is in a very bad state, overgrown with trees, bushes and weeds, and some of the tombstones are gone. Mr. Hilton has lived in this area for fifteen years, but just recently acquired the land where this cemetery is located. Anyone wishing to help with the restoration of this cemetery should contact John Hilton, Mr. Hilton says …

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Mineral Cemetery, Polk County, Arkansas

Mineral Cemetery, Polk County, Arkansas

Location Information West and South of Highway 71, near Sevier County line on Polk 201Pt SE, SE, Section 31, Township 6 South, Range 31 WestParcel # 9264 Bert Higgins and his wife, Maggie, moved to Mineral in 1919. It was during that year that Bert began to help keep the cemetery clean by cutting the grass with a scythe and hauling out rocks with a wheelbarrow. This cemetery is located on a hill just North of Bert’s house. He has been caretaker for many years and although he has traded his scythe for a lawnmower, he continues to make this …

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Miller Cemetery, Cove, Arkansas

Location Information One and three-fourths miles south of Cove on the east side of Highway 71Section 22 (?), Township 4 South, Range 32 WestParcel # ? The beginning of Miller Cemetery was with the burial of Cliff Miller in 1976. At his death, Lorene carried out her husband’s request. She secured the proper documents and buried him on his own land. Cliff and his mother, Leona, are the only people, who have been buried here, as of August 8, 1983. Internments Miller, Cliff – 7/27/1918 – 7/27/1976 – (husband of Leona Miller) Shook, Leona Barnett Miller – 8/12/1896 – 12/25/1978 …

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McKinney Cemetery, Potter, Arkansas

McKinney Cemetery, Old Potter, Arkansas

Location Information About one mile east of Old Potter on a hill North of the road. (Polk 412 ?) SW,SW of Section 27, Township 2 South, Range 31 West Parcel # 7063 Internments Cole, C.C. “Lum” – 3-23-1861 to 10-13-1944 Cole, Claude – 12-25-1892 to 6-14-1978 – U.S. Army W.W. #1 Cole, Mary A – 12-1-1968 to 5-22-1927 Cole, Victor – 8-27-1897 to 2-11-1899 – Son of C.C. and M.A. Cole Hicks, Maurice – 6-20-1891 to 3-7-1942 Hicks, William O. – 2-6-1889 to 11-17-1969 – Pvt BN U S Guards W.W.#1 Oklahoma McKinney, Bunyan – 1-15-1854 to 3-5-1882 McKinney, Mary …

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