McDaniel Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

This cemetery is located about two miles south east of Hatfield off the Old Line Road (Polk 31) about one hundred yards on the west side, just before crossing Six Mile Creek. the land where this cemetery is located was owned by Lawrence Parsons on 3/15/1984.

SW, Section 25, Township 3 South, Range 32 West
No Parcel #

Very few people remember this cemetery and those who do can remember only one burial. That is the burial of the mother of Tone Hays, the caretaker of the Six-Mile Cemetery and a freed Negro slave. There are other stones here and it is believed that other McDaniel slaves are buried here. No one knows how many. This cemetery is almost lost to the field. As of 3/15/1984 it was overgrown with brush and there were no tombstones or other markers.


  • Mother of Tone Hays, a freed Negro slave

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