Moore Cemetery, Bethesda, Arkansas

This cemetery is located on the land now owned by John Hilton (1984). Mr. Hilton is interest in contacting the people who have relatives buried here. He would like to have the cemetery restored and fenced as it was at one time. It is in a very bad state, overgrown with trees, bushes and weeds, and some of the tombstones are gone.

Mr. Hilton has lived in this area for fifteen years, but just recently acquired the land where this cemetery is located.

Anyone wishing to help with the restoration of this cemetery should contact John Hilton, Mr. Hilton says there are about fifty graves in this cemetery, but only eight have tombstones and four are marked with rocks. ((We have not verified with Mr. Hilton if he still lives here and if he is still interested in doing this project)).


  • Cavdle, Henry – 1860-1922 – (the last name could be Caudle, either the V was engraved over the letter “U” or the letter U was engraved over the letter “V”.)
  • Cavdle, Mollie – 1860-1930 – (same note as on Henry Cavdle)
  • Cole, Jane – 1840-1918
  • Cole, Mattie Morris – 9/12/1869-5/12/1939
  • Cole, W. D. – 2/3/1845-3/17/1889
  • Cole, Wm. Benjamin – 1872-1947
  • Jones, Rev. Shadrick – 3/26/1814-6/5/1894
  • Williams, Rosa L. – 10/31/1881-2/14/1882 – (daughter of J.B. & M.C.)

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