Mineral Cemetery, Polk County, Arkansas

Mineral Cemetery, Polk County, Arkansas

Location Information

West and South of Highway 71, near Sevier County line on Polk 201
Pt SE, SE, Section 31, Township 6 South, Range 31 West
Parcel # 9264

Bert Higgins and his wife, Maggie, moved to Mineral in 1919. It was during that year that Bert began to help keep the cemetery clean by cutting the grass with a scythe and hauling out rocks with a wheelbarrow.

This cemetery is located on a hill just North of Bert’s house. He has been caretaker for many years and although he has traded his scythe for a lawnmower, he continues to make this a beautiful spot without accepting any pay for his work.

Bert Higgins was born 3/29/1888 (Article written 2/27/1983)

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