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The Poland Committee

If there can be anything comical in a tragedy it is furnished just here in the fact that, in the twinkling of an eye, the adherents and voters of the two governors had changed places, and each was now fighting for the man whom...

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Secession in Arkansas

March 4, 1861, a State convention assembled in Little Rock. The election of delegates was on February 18, preceding. The convention met the day Abraham Lincoln was inducted into office as president of the United States. The...

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Louisiana Territory

In the preceding chapter are briefly traced the changes in the government of the Territory of Louisiana from its discovery to the year 1803, when it became a part of the territory of United States. Discovered by the Spanish,...

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The New Madrid Earthquake

The New Madrid earthquake of 1811-12, commencing in the last of December, and the subterranean forces ceasing after three months’ duration, was of itself a noted era, but to the awful display of nature’s forces was...

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Marquette and Joliet in Arkansas

Jacques Marquette, a French Jesuit priest, had made expeditions along the Northern lakes, proselyting among the Indian tribes. He had conceived the idea that there was a great western river leading to China and Japan. He was...

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Leaders of Arkansas Territory

The secretaries of Arkansas Territory have been: Robert Crittenden, appointed March 3, 1819; William Fulton, appointed April 8, 1829; Lewis Randolph, appointed February 23, 1835. Secretaries of State: Robert A. Watkins,...

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La Salle, Hennepin and Tonti in Arkansas

Nine years after Marquette and Joliet’s expedition, Chevalier de La Salle came from France, accompanied by Henry de Tonti, an Italian, filled with great schemes of empire in the new western world; it is charged, by some...

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The Bubble of John Law

The Chickasaws were the dreaded enemy of France; it was they who hurried the Natchez to that awful massacre; it was they whose cedar bark canoes, shooting boldly into the Mississippi, interrupted the connections between...

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French and Spanish Settlers in Arkansas

The successful class of immigrants to the west of the Mississippi were the French Canadians, who had brought little or nothing with them save the clothes on their backs, and an old flintlock gun with which to secure game. They...

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