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The first settlement by Europeans in Arkansas was made in 1686 by the French at Arkansas Post (later the residence of the French and Spanish governors, important as a trading post in the earlier days of the American occupation, and the first territorial capital, 1810-1820). In 1720 a grant on the Arkansas was made to John Law. In 1762 the territory passed to Spain, in 1780 back to France, and in 1803 to the United States as a part of the ” Louisiana Purchase.” Save in the beginnings of western frontier trade, and in a great mass of litigation left to the courts of later years by the curious and uncertain methods of land delimitation that prevailed among the French and Spanish colonists, the pro American period of occupation has slight connexions with the later period, and scant historical importance. From 1804 to 1812 what is now Arkansas was part of the district (and then the territory) of Louisiana, and from 1812 to 1819 of the territory of Missouri. Its earliest county organizations date from this time. It was erected successively into a territory of the first and second class by acts of Congress of the 2nd of March 1819 and the 21st of April 1820. By act of the 15th of June 1836 it was admitted into the Union as a slave state.

Featured History of Arkansas

Today we take up on the history of Arkansas as a part of the Territory of Louisiana, to when it became known as the Territory of Arkansas, and finally statehood. Brief mention is also made of secession and reconstruction in Arkansas and the government makeup of the time.

Today I posted additional pages on Arkansas history which cover the exploration, and early settlers of Arkansas before it was a state.

I have begun the process of creating pages on Arkansas history, and have posted the first two:

Surrounding States

Old Dallas Cemetery, Old Dallas, Arkansas

Seven miles East of Mena on Highway 375 East, Left on Polk 44, cemetery on right.SW, NW, Section 33, Township 2 South, Range 30 WestParcel # 5070 The Polk County Courthouse records show that the first owner of forty acres of land, which the Old Dallas Cemetery is a part, was …
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Norris Cemetery, Yocana, Arkansas

Ten miles East on Highway 88 from the intersection of Highway 71 and 88 East, on land owned by Nick Bowen (2/1/1984)Section 13, Township 2 South, Range 29 WestParcel # ? The land for this cemetery was donated by Dr. J. A. Norris about 1862. it is located in a field …
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Nichols Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

About five miles West of Hatfield on State Highway 246 on the right between Polk 38 and Polk 151.SE, NW, Section 8, Township 3 South, Range 32 WestParcel # 10366 This history of Nichols Cemetery was given to Ruby Martin by Thelma Nichols Owners (Mrs. Raymond Owens), the great grand-daughter of …
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Mountain Fork Cemetery, Mountain Fork, Arkansas

Eleven miles West of Mena on Highway 8 WestN/2 of Section 29, Township 1 South, Range 32 WestNot on the Polk County, Arkansas Tax Roll Internments Fields, Jesse L – 1-25-1940 to 4-17-1949Fields, Samuel E – 1893-1977 – PFC US Army WW #1Freeman, Hugh – 10-17-1900 to 2-24-1981Gray, Missouri Kathryn – 9-4-1866 …
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Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Rocky, Arkansas

Six miles West of Mena on Highway 8SW,SW, Section 17, Township 2 South, Range 31 WestParcel # 6018 Internments Addison, Christopher Luther – 1912-1917 – Tec 5 US Army WW2Addison, Nora E. – 11/29/1893-5/6/1975Addison, Warren B. – 11/7/1892-6/3/1978Bain, John H. – 8/15/1905-12/31/1977Bain, Matilda A. – 10/2/1904-?Boggs, Luther – 1/20/1898-8/15/1983Crawford, Alice Marie – …
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McDaniel Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

This cemetery is located about two miles south east of Hatfield off the Old Line Road (Polk 31) about one hundred yards on the west side, just before crossing Six Mile Creek. the land where this cemetery is located was owned by Lawrence Parsons on 3/15/1984. SW, Section 25, Township 3 …
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