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The first settlement by Europeans in Arkansas was made in 1686 by the French at Arkansas Post (later the residence of the French and Spanish governors, important as a trading post in the earlier days of the American occupation, and the first territorial capital, 1810-1820). In 1720 a grant on the Arkansas was made to John Law. In 1762 the territory passed to Spain, in 1780 back to France, and in 1803 to the United States as a part of the ” Louisiana Purchase.” Save in the beginnings of western frontier trade, and in a great mass of litigation left to the courts of later years by the curious and uncertain methods of land delimitation that prevailed among the French and Spanish colonists, the pro American period of occupation has slight connexions with the later period, and scant historical importance. From 1804 to 1812 what is now Arkansas was part of the district (and then the territory) of Louisiana, and from 1812 to 1819 of the territory of Missouri. Its earliest county organizations date from this time. It was erected successively into a territory of the first and second class by acts of Congress of the 2nd of March 1819 and the 21st of April 1820. By act of the 15th of June 1836 it was admitted into the Union as a slave state.

Featured History of Arkansas

Today we take up on the history of Arkansas as a part of the Territory of Louisiana, to when it became known as the Territory of Arkansas, and finally statehood. Brief mention is also made of secession and reconstruction in Arkansas and the government makeup of the time.

Today I posted additional pages on Arkansas history which cover the exploration, and early settlers of Arkansas before it was a state.

I have begun the process of creating pages on Arkansas history, and have posted the first two:

Surrounding States

Biography of Sandy Faulkner of Pulaski County

Sandy Faulkner, the legendary “Arkansaw Traveler,” was an early settler, hunter, and fiddler in Arkansas, known for his jovial and adventurous spirit. Born into a wealthy Kentucky family, he settled in Chicot County and later near Little Rock. Faulkner inherited and spent several moderate fortunes, living a roving life filled…
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Biography of Col. A. R. Witt of Faulkner County

Col. A. R. Witt, a prominent citizen of Faulkner County and leading druggist in Conway, Arkansas, was born in Hamilton County, Tennessee, in 1830. He moved to Alabama in 1836 and later to Van Buren County, Arkansas, in 1842. Educated at Arkansas College in Fayetteville, Witt was elected State land…
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Biography of H. Bailey Wilson of Faulkner County

H. Bailey Wilson, born on January 16, 1823, in Spartanburg District, South Carolina, was a prominent farmer and early contributor to the development of his county. He was the sixth child of James and Prudy (Harris) Wilson. After receiving his education in Georgia, he married Louisa E. Strickland of Chattooga…
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Biography of J. R. Williams of Faulkner County

J. R. Williams, born in Faulkner County in 1853, was a partner in the general merchandise firm Witt & Williams in Conway, Arkansas. The business, established in 1879, underwent several name changes before Williams joined in 1888. The store, facing the public square, was one of the largest in the…
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Biography of Dr. H. B. Wear of Faulkner County

Dr. H. B. Wear, born in 1829 in Blount County, Tennessee, was a prominent physician in East Fork Township, Arkansas. The sixth of twelve children, he studied medicine in Nashville and Atlanta, beginning his practice in Cherokee County, Alabama, in 1857. He moved to East Fork Township in 1858 and…
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Biography of J. W. Underhill of Faulkner County

J. W. Underhill, editor and proprietor of the Log Cabin in Conway, Arkansas, was born in Trigg County, Kentucky, in 1856. He was the eldest of seven children of E. P. and Elizabeth (Miller) Underhill of Tennessee. His father was a distinguished physician in Kentucky. J. W. Underhill began his…
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