Arkansas Bible Records

Arkansas Bible Records


Arkansas Genealogy

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  1. Have no mention of my family anywhere I can find for such a large family & a small community.
    McAlisters? I see no mention anywhere and was always told by family “historians” & story tellers that we had kinfolks in the 1960s that lived so far up a mountains it took donkeys to get there? Any reply would be welcomed. I’m at a loss.

    1. Arkansas Genealogy

      I always like to say that in genealogy we need to challenge the assumptions we get from family stories, as they often lead us astray. Researching in the 1960s is hard because there are limited records available for the time period. It’s too soon past, and privacy laws are keeping the records under wraps. You should be able to find your people in the 1950 Federal census though. Have you searched it yet? Here’s a little article on challenging those assumptions Exploring Family History: Challenging Assumptions and Seeking Truth

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