Old Potter Cemetery, Potter Junction, Arkansas

Old Potter Cemetery, Potter Junction, Arkansas

About one hundred yards West of Potter Junction on Highway 375. Potter Junction is about five and one-half miles South of Mena on Highway 71.
Section 28, Township 2 South, Range 31 West
Not listed on the Polk County, Arkansas Tax Rolls

This cemetery is located on the right side of the road between the rock church and the rock school house which are not being used as of October 23, 1983. The church was, at one time, a Presbyterian Church pastored by Rev. J. P. Lester. Rev. J. P. Lester is buried in this small cemetery. This cemetery is located on the original land homesteaded by Jack Potter. The Sgt. Emory Cole is buried in this cemetery and is the great grandson of Jack Potter. Emory Cole was killed in World War #2 at the “Battle of the Bulge”. There are five visible unmarked graves here. It is believed that some of these unmarked graves are the children of the Liles and Tatum families who were residents of this area, at one time.


Barron, John T. – 3-5-1853 to 4-21-1919
Barron, M. E. – 10-24-1846 to 10-18-1917
Cole, Emory (Sgt) -1915-1945
Garr, Gertrude G. – 1892-1935
Garr, Herbert – 1894-1894
Garr, Horace E. – 1896-1897
Garr, Ollie T. – 1898-1914
Garr, S. Eliza – 1873-1957
Garr, William W. A. – 1871-1932
Lester, Carrie P. – 1876 – 1955 -Husband: Rev. J.P. Lester
Lester, Rev. J. P., D.D. – 1886-1958 – Wife: Carrie P. Lester

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  1. Elizabeth McLain-Warren

    Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve hit a HUGE brick wall (aren’t they all huge? LOL) in my Arkansas line and I enjoy everything I read about Arkansas. You never know when something might break down that wall.

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