Old Dallas Cemetery, Old Dallas, Arkansas

Seven miles East of Mena on Highway 375 East, Left on Polk 44, cemetery on right.
SW, NW, Section 33, Township 2 South, Range 30 West
Parcel # 5070

The Polk County Courthouse records show that the first owner of forty acres of land, which the Old Dallas Cemetery is a part, was Walter Scott, in November 1849.

Old Dallas was a county seat in November 1844. Polk County was formed from territory taken from Sevier County. Forty-two years later, in 1896, the county seat was moved three miles north to the railroad and named Mena to honor the wife of a Dutch coffee broker, who furnished the money needed by Arthur Stillwell to build the railroad. Most of the records in the Old Dallas Courthouse were destroyed by fire in 1878 and 1883.

The next owners of the above mentioned forty acres were Austin and Sally Keaton in 1870. They were the first to give two acres of this land to be used as a cemetery, with the understanding there would be no charge to the public.

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Ida Lochridge Daniel owned the land in 1935. Mrs. Ida Daniel gave more of the land to enlarge the cemetery, with the understanding it would be used as before, without charge. It is the same today.

The Edward Coxes owned the land as of January 1, 1983. Mrs. Cox is the daughter of Mrs. Ida Lochridge Daniel.

There are about two hundred unnamed and/or unmarked graves in this cemetery. The oldest know grave is that of Elizabeth Longacre who died in 1855.


  • Fleming, Nancy Hitchcock – Born 1816 – 12/28/1874 – Father George Hitchcock – info by Geneva Fleming York (no tombstone)
  • Fleming, Alfred Patten – 5/19/1813 – 1/4/1859 – Father John Fleming, Mother Nancy Jane Combs Fleming – info by Geneva Fleming York (No TS)
  • Small, Doris Irene (58) – Born: 2/26/1943 – Columbus, GA – 1/08/2002 – Cove, AR – Father-Thomas Meadows -Mother-Irene Stutley Meadows – Husband-Martin Small -Married: 10/20/62-Sidney, OH
  • Sims, Bolton C. 11/22/1916 – 6/1885 (Related to Jasper Hudson Sims and Eliza Clift – Other relatives in Pine Crest Cemetery, Bolton C. Bart sims was my mother’s half brother. The Jasper Sims family moved from Hot Springs in 1900. The grave is unmarked. Reported by Frances Russell.)

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  1. Map shows “Dallas Cemetary” is on the left. Is there another Cemetary “Old Dallas Cemetary” on the right as stated here in this posting? Thanks

    1. I can’t find another cemetery on the right, either, but I did find my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother Fleming listed for the facility on the left.

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