The number of post-offices established in Washington County from 1829 to 1888 was ninety-five, with names of postmasters and dates of appointments, as follows: Ada: Archibald Borden, July, 1857; Hugh Rogers. July, 1858: discontinued February, 1867. Albia: Jacob Yoos, April, 1871; discontinued July, 1873. Aquilla: Owen D. Slaughter, May, 1884; Jeptha Johnson. May, 1885; John S. Johnson, November, 1885; Robert I. Fink, May, 1886; discontinued November, 1887. Arnett: Luke Arnett, April, 1883. Billingsly: Hiram H. Barrow, March, 1854; Lemuel G. Bassord, February, 1858; discontinued June, 1866; re-established July, 1866. Henry A. Sawyers: William K. Dye, April, 1867; Hiram H. Barrow, November, 1868; John C. Hanna, June, 1871; Horton M. Parks, April, 1872; Robert O. Ellis. July, 1872; Mathew M. Morrow, July, 1873; Houston M. Parks, February, 1877; Hiram H. Barrow, September, 1878; J. M. Burrow, April, 1883; Hiram H. Barron, June, 1883; discontinued August, 1883; re-established April, 1884, Thomas H. Cartner: Charles Marrs, April, 1885; John S. Darring, October, 1886; Ben. Elder, November, 1886; discontinued August, 1887. Blackburn: Z. C. Winn. July, 1880; Hiram Mannon. February, 1882; John H. Mannon, March, 1882; discontinued, August, 1887; re-established August, 1888, Alice F. Nicholds. Boone’s Grove: Benjamin F. Reagor, June, 1851; discontinued June, 1851: re-established with B. F. Boone, September, 1858: M. P. Pool. April, 1866; G. W. Lewis, June, 1867; Susan Boone (Mrs.), July, 1868; discontinued January, 1869. Boonsborough (late Steam Mill): Samuel Newton, August, 1843; Ewing W. McClure, July, 1845; John P. Truesdale, February, 1866; John S. Wilson. May, 1866; discontinued August, 1866; re-established with E. H. Blome, February, 1868; Nancy E. Brooks (Mrs.) January, 1869; W. D. McBride, January, 1870. Boston: John Wilson, December, 1858; A. M. Kennon, June, 1860; discontinued June, 1866; re-established, O. Adkins, May, 1867; discontinued June, 1868. Bostonville: Tandy K. Kid, July, 1844; discontinued May, 1848. Brentwood (late Gunter): Dock W. Fuller, November, 1881; James J. Crawford, May, 1882; Henry C. Skelton, October, 1882; Frank H. Rizer, April, 1886; Thomas J. Bell, March, 1887. Brush Creek: Robert Garrett. April, 1840; discontinued February, 1841. Cane Hill: William B. Woody, June, 1830; Philemon H. Trout, December, 1833; Benjamin G. Estill, August, 1835; Lewis Henderson, February, 1837; Shepherd F. Atherton, May, 1840; James Hamilton, April, 1842; discontinued August, 1843; re-established with William W. Watson, February, 1867; Joseph H. Delap, November, 1867; discontinued February, 1868. Carter’s Store: John C. Carter, July, 1875. Cherokee Agency (late in Crawford County): Hercules T. Martin, January, 1840; discontinued December, 1841; re-established with P. M. Butler, July, 1845; Frederick A. Kerr, October, 1845; discontinued May, 1849. Cincinnati: William S. Walker, February, 1857; John A. Dienst, March, 1866; Henry S. Martin, October, 1867; Hagermon Shields, November, 1871; James Oates, October, 1876; James T. Walker, December, 1878; William S. Walker, December, 1878; H. Shields, January, 1879; Walter Bates, May, 1881; W.S. Baker, August, 1882; James Oates, October, 1882; James H. Barton, December, 1885. Cleveland: Jesse C. Williams, June, 1879; discontinued December, 1880. Clyde: William C. Russell, February, 1887. College Grove: Thomas Wainwright, December, 1874; James D. Winning, January, 1876; Moses Dutton, January, 1876; changed to Goshen June, 1876. Cove Creek: John Morrow, July, 1844; David Lichlyter, January, 1847; discontinued July, 1848. Cross Roads: Wiley D. Deen, November, 1875; discontinued October 1876; re-established September, 1878, Louisa M. Piper; discontinued March, 1880; re-established with John F. Mason. March, 1883; discontinued February, 1884. Devore: Elijah Devore, June, 1884. Dump: William Guinn, February, 1885; discontinued July, 1886; re-established, January, 1887, William Guinn. Durham: Charles C. Warner, August, 1873; John M. Smith, October, 1875; William A. McKinzie, July, 1885; John I. Vanhoose, February, 1887. Dutch Mills: Frank H. Warren, October, 1871; George Heron, March, 1876; Ephraim M. Evans, August, 1877; Olney S. English, April, 1883; Valentine S. English, June, 1883; John V. Edmiston, October, 1887; Joseph R. Kimbrough, January, 1888. Elm Springs: William Barrington, April, 1848; discontinued July, 1848; re-established with William S. Deaver, July, 1853; Thomas J. Sherman, July, 1858; Thomas F. Webster, May, 1860; Jonathan H. Reavin. March, 1861; Marinda W. Pearson, February, 1866; James R. Pollock, December, 1872; discontinued October, 1874; re-established November, 1874, James R. Pollock; James Trotter, August, 1875; Thomas F. Webster, February, 1876; R. L. Ritter, September, 1879; William T. Farrar, October, 1881; Ransom L. Ritter, January, 1883; Benjamin J. Deaver, August, 1883; William V. Steele, January, 1886. Eutaw: Samuel Wilson, April, 1838; discontinued July, 1838. Evansville (late Vineyard): Lewis Evans, December, 1838; Jacob Chandler, December, 1846; Granville B. Shannon, November, 1847; Daniel W. Dennenberg, September, 1851; John H. Barney, February, 1852; George McClure, January, 1854; Elias H. Gilbert, May, 1834; Daniel W. Dennenberg, July, 1854; John H. Barney, April, 1856; Harrison J. Paden, May, 1857; Thomas B. Greer, April, 1861; Charles B. Withrow, May, 1866; Preston Chandler, December, 1866; John Adams, April, 1867; Orville Gillettzen, November, 1868; William N. Martin, November, 1869; Thomas N. Evans, May, 1872; James M. Chandler, May, 1875; J. W. Waters, March. 1878; James M. Chandler, April, 1878; John R. Flinn, October, 1878. Evergreen: Maston S. Gregg, July, 1866; Benson W. Gregg, September, 1868; discontinued December, 1872; re-established September, 1874, Benson W. Gregg; discontinued November, 1878; re-established March, 1884, Wilson M. Davis; Henry Bell, September, 1884; discontinued October, 1884. Farmington: William F. Martindale, June, 1868; William H. Engels, October, 1868; John W. Reed, September, 1881. Fayetteville: Larkin Newton, August, 1829; Bryan H. Smithson, October, 1833; Onesimus Evans, July, 1839; John I. Stirman, December, 1841; Isaac Strain, February, 1844; John B. Costa, October, 1847; Henry Reiff, September, 1848; John W. Chew, February, 1850; William F. Blakemore, September. 1853; John W. Chew, March, 1854; William Adams, January, 1856; Dudley W. Fillingim, August, 1856; James B. Simpson, April, 1857; Elias B. Moore, January, 1860; William A. Watson, March, 1861; Hugo C. C. Botefuhr, February, 1866; Mary Lowe (Mrs.), December, 1866; John Richardson, January, 1868; Martin G. Bouham, February, 1868; James T. Harn, March, 1869; E. E. Henderson, March, 1871; Daniel Webster, April, 1871; Roderick A. Caldwell, December, 1874; Jesse L. Cravens, December, 1877; Elizur B. Harrison, June, 1884; Jesse L. Cravens, June, 1886, reappointed August, 1888. Felix (late Swaggerty): William H. Ladd, November, 1886; Jasper N. Clark, April, 1887; Dominicus Gray, November, 1887. Georgetown: Joseph L. Carter, July, 1884; changed to Lincoln January, 1885. Goshen (late College Grove): Moses Dutton, June, 1876; Edmon B. Shipley, January, 1877; Jesse B. Kelley, October, 1877; Sterling H. Slaughter, October, 1882; Johnson A. Bryant, September, 1888. Greenville: Hiram H. Barrow, March, 1854; Jeremiah Brewster, March, 1855; Levi Howell, September, 1857; Leroy Roberts, March, 1858; Benjamin Strickler, January, 1860; discontinued February, 1867; re-established July, 1867, Marshall N. Dale; William S. Crawley, October, 1868; John R. Hobrick, May, 1871; Adam W. Dobbins, October, 1871; discontinued October, 1872; re-established October, 1873, Robert E. Elmore; discontinued February, 1874. Gunter: Thomas Custer, January, 1880; discontinued, January, 1881; Dock W. Fuller, June, 1881. Harris: John Sword, April, 1888. Hazel Valley: James R. Dean, July, 1875; discontinued July, 1878; re-established August, 1878, Paschal P. Bogan. Helth (now in Madison County): John S. Brannon, February, 1884. Hermansburgh: James S. Hukill, September, 1853; John H. Hermann. April, 1856; Frederick C. Hermann, October 1859; discontinued February, 1867. Hilochee: Daniel B. Neal, September, 1850; discontinued July, 1866; re-established September, 1867, Samuel Cook; discontinued October, 1868. Holm: P. A. Johnson, July, 1881; discontinued October, 1881. Hood: Robert A. Rutherford, February, 1885; Moses D. Lewis, May, 1887. Howe: John Craig, October, 1884; David Mallory, February, 1886; Lizzie M. Key, June, 1887. Hubard: Francis M. Dyer, February, 1888. Johnson: Joseph Ellis, March, 1887; Charles W. Spencer May, 1888. Liberty Grove: Jasper Farmer, June, 1875; discontinued July 1878. Lincoln (late Georgetown): Joseph L. Carter, January, 1885; Noble Carter, July, 1886; John W. Smyth. May, 1887. Little Spring: Anderson Sanders, March, 1876, changed to Spring Valley May, 1876. Lone Star: Marshall N. Dale, July, 1883; discontinued April, 1884. Lynch’s Prairie: Albert G. Gregg, January, 1859; discontinued September, 1866. Maguire’s Store: Benjamin F. Williams, August, 1867; George W. Maguire, December, 1886; Benjamin F. Williams, May, 1887; discontinued October, 1888. Malta: Hezekiah H. Alexander, June, 1887; Alexander Charley, September, 1887; discontinued April, 1888. Mankins: Clark L. Burchett, September, 1882; Joseph H. Laymon, January, 1887; changed to Sulphur City April, 1887. Mares Hill: James Mares, June, 1840; discontinued July, 1841. Moffit: J. B. Mangrum, May, 1888. Morrow: William M. Dyer, June, 1883; G. W. Morrow, July, 1883; discontinued December, 1883; re-established April, 1886, John G. Barnes. Mountain: John Billingsly, December, 1883; discontinued January, 1839. Mount Hayes: Emily Beaty, July, 1877; discontinued March, 1879. Ocoee: Thomas A. Hannah, December, 1883; discontinued December, 1885. Pitkin: Charles Fierce, May, 1884; James M. Karnes, September, 1884. Prairie Grove: Abraham Price, July, 1867; Eliza E. Remheart, February, 1868; discontinued October, 1871; Tilghman H. Addison, November, 1871; James P. Neal, May, 1873; Joel P. Neal, March, 1887. Rhea’s Mills: Hugo C. C. Boteführ, July, 1867; William H. Rhea, December, 1874; Samuel V. Rhea, March, 1884; William C. Stone, March, 1886. Richland Creek: Thomas Smith, December, 1832; Wilson R. Smith, June, 1831; Robert Buchanan, January, 1843; B. J. Helmesly, February, 1849; changed to Titsworth, Madison County. Rugby: Andrew J. Vanlandingham, August, 1882; discontinued July, 1883; William J. York, December, 1885; David S. Miller, May, 1886; changed to Staunton December, 1886. St. Patricks: George Lewis, June, 1840; James C. Dickerson, ––; discontinued January, 1843. Sexton: William M. Goddard, June, 1882; William H. Sexton, March, 1884; John Gaylord, October, 1885; Ephraim M. Evins, December, 1885; Norman Gaylord, April, 1887; Robert C. Ridley. November, 1887; Watie Cagle, March, 1888. Springdale: Bennett Putnam, May, 1872; William H. Lovelady, April, 1876; Christ C. Philips, May, 1877; Bemon W. Gregg, April, 1881; John B. Gill, December, 1884; Walter Y. Winton, July, 1885. Spring Mill: Seneca Sutton, July, 1858; James T. Sutton, August, 1858; George W. Late, April, 1860; discontinued July, 1866. Spring Valley (late Little Spring): Anderson Sanders, May, 1876. Staunton (late Rugby): David S. Miller, December, 1886. Steam Mill (changed to Boonsboro): Samuel Newton, April, 1839. Strain: Joseph J. Morgan, January, 1884; Osborne L. Wilson, October, 1884; Joseph J. Morgan, November, 1885; James O. Johnson, April, 1887; discontinued December, 1887. Strickler: Marshall N. Dale, April, 1878: John H. Worley. January, 1883; Mirander Brewster, August, 1883. Sulphur City (late Mankins): James H. Laymon, April, 1887. Summers: Benjamin N. Wortham, June, 1882; Henderson Elens, October, 1882; discontinued April, 1883; re-established April, 1884, John F. Summers, Summit Home: William J. Reed, December, 1876; discontinued October. 1879; Elijah J. Woodburn, December, 1879; changed to Winslow August, 1881. Sunset: Jerry M. Osburn, October, 1888. Swaggerty: Gen. W. Stone, September, 1885; changed to Felix November, 1886. Sweet Home: James C. Pittman. September, 1840; discontinued November, 1844; re-established with James C. Pittman, January, 1845; William D. Shorse November, 1845; discontinued April, 1846. Sylva: John Cole, May, 1838; Charles I. Severs, November, 1843; Martin W. Thornberry, June, 1848; Joel P. Blair, May, 1849; Joseph M. Dickson, November, 1850; William Jones, March, 1851; Martin W. Thornberry, December, 1851; changed to Cincinnati February, 1857. Taney: D. E. Jackson, March, 1879. Tansy: William D. Shores, April, 1848; John Crawford, November 1852; discontinued June, 1857; Rufus K. McCollum, April, 1857. Tolu: Thomas B. Greer, July, 1887. Tranquilla: Joseph Arnett, May, 1870; discontinued October, 1871. Vineyard (changed to Evansville): Lewis Evans, February, 1829; John Latta, December, 1833. Viney Grove: William E. Zellner, August, 1870; James B. Gillis, July 1874. War Eagle (changed to Sevierville, Marion County): Isaac Crow, December, 1832; John Buckhanon, December, 1835. Wedington: Joseph D. Powell, March, 1879; Robert F. Flatt, August, 1882; Dan Thomason, May, 1884; Robert M. Delozier, October, 1886; Andrew J. Webb, December, 1886. Wesley (now in Madison County): Calloway C. Baker, September 1867; discontinued August, 1870; re-established July, 1872, Joseph B. Shannon; James McMahon, May, 1873; Keble C. Cumings, February, 1874. West Fork: James C. Hearer, May, 1848; John W. Harer, February, 1850; James Winn, October, 1850; John W. Harer, March, 1851; discontinued March, 1852; re-established with O. L. Karnes, May, 1854; W. H. H. Nott, February, 1866; W. T. Woolsey, June 1871; H. H. Davis, July, 1878; J. W. Hughes, December, 1879; William Simco, March, 1880; S. C. Robinson, August, 1880; Harris H. Davis, September, 1880; Jefferson P. Cox, January, 1886. Wheeler: Thomas F. Weldon, March, 1873; Seth T. Kennedy, June, 1874; John Nickols, December, 1874; Eli H. Langston, February, 1876; David C. Guthrie, August, 1876; James Hogg, December, 1876; Henry Barker, August, 1878; Lue F. Barker, September, 1878; Charles F. Overman, September, 1878; Washington Pinder, November, 1878; William I. Hogg. November, 1880. Winslow (late Summit): Elijah J. Woolum, August, 1881; James R. Yoes, January, 1883; John B. Kelton, August, 1883; Jobe A. Williams, November, 1885. Wyman: William L. Lively, March, 1886; Francis M. Boyd, December, 1886; discontiuned September, 1887; re-established May, 1888, Francis M Boyd; William T. Harmon, September, 1888. The number of post-offices in Washington County now (October, 1888,) existing is forty-two, as follows: Arnett, Boonsborough, Brentwood, Carter’s Store, Cincinnati, Clyde, Devore, Dump, Durham, Dutch Mills, Elm Springs, Evansville, Farmington, Fayetteville, Felix, Goshen, Harris, Hazel Valley, Hood, Howe, Hubard, Johnson, Lincoln, Maguire’s Store, Morrow, Pitkin, Prairie Grove, Rhea’s Mills, Sexton, Springdale, Spring Valley, Staunton, Strickler, Sulphur City, Summers, Tolu, Viney Grove, Wedington, West Fork, Wheeler, Winslow, Wyman.

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Source: History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas. Chicago, IL, USA: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.