Sixteenth Arkansas Confederate Infantry

The Sixteenth Arkansas Confederate Infantry was organized under Gen. McCullough’s order, at Rogers (then Calahan Springs), about the middle of November, 1861, with the following officers, the list being made most complete when there is Washington County representation:

Colonels, J. F. Hill, W. T. Neal, David Province; lieutenant-colonels, W. T. Neal, B F. Pixley, J. M. Pittman; majors —– Farmer, J. M. Pittman. Company A, captains, L. Swagerty, Jesse Adams. Company B, captains, —– Turner, Jesse Cravens. Company C, captains, John Connelly, J. J. Yearwood. Company D, captains, John Smith, E. G. Mitchell, J. Bailey. Company E, captain, W. S. Poyner. Company F, captains, David Goodnight, —– Stephens. Company G, captain, J. P. Carnahan; first lieutenant, W. E. Pittman; second lieutenants, B. F. Pixley, B. Carnahan; third lieutenants, V. A. Ross, John Eggers. Company H, captains, —– Kelley, J. P. Cloud. Company I, captains, Dan Boone; first lieutenant, John Garrett; second lieutenant, Abe Wilson. Company K, captains, John Lawrence, James Waldon.

The last change of officers occurred at the reorganization at Corinth, Miss., where Col. David Province took charge of the regiment. The general course of the regiment was as follows, after its organization at Calahan’s Springs: It first went to Elm Springs, thence to Cross Hollows with Gen. Price, then Elkhorn and Van Buren, thence with Gen. Price to Corinth, Tupelo, Iuka and Corinth again, where it was the only Arkansas regiment in the First Missouri Brigade. Their next move was to Port Gibson, where they were captured. The officers were imprisoned and the privates paroled. The greatest casualties occurring to the Sixteenth Regiment was at Corinth, where seven-twelfths were reported “killed, wounded and missing.”

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Source: History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, And Sebastian Counties, Arkansas: From the Earliest Time to the Present, Including a Department Devoted to the Preservation of Sundry Personal, Business, Professional and Private Records ; Besides a Valuable Fund of Notes, Original Observations, Etc., Etc. Salem Mass.: Chicago : Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1889.

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