Sale of Fayetteville Lots

The lots were sold chiefly at public sale, A. Whinnery being the auctioneer.

These sales in the aggregate amounted to 86,339, of which nearly the whole sum was expended in the erection of public buildings.

The following is a statement of the sales up to 1837, the names of the purchasers and the price paid:


A. B. Anthony165100.00
A. B. Anthony16410.50
A. B. Anthony29110.00
A. B. Anthony29210.00
A. B. Anthony29310.00
A. B. Anthony29415.00
A. B. Anthony29515.00
A. B. Anthony291210.00
A. B. Anthony29780.00
A. B. Anthony29820.00
A. B. Anthony29915.00
A. B. Anthony291010.00
A. B. Anthony291110.00
A. B. Anthony29610.00
A. B. Anthony3030.00
Matthew Leeper16782.00
Matthew Leeper15740.00
Matthew Leeper15860.00
Matthew Leeper159$70.00
Matthew Leeper151076.00
Matthew Leeper151150.00
Wm. McK. Ball16682.00
Wm. McK. Ball16312.00
Wm. McK. Ball450.00
John McGarroh16965.00
John McGarroh161212.00
John McGarroh161311.50
John T. Powers17665.00
John T. Powers171212.00
James P. Humes32116.50
James P. Humes32217.00
James P. Humes32311.00
John West7127.00
Alfred Wallace26476.00
Alfred Wallace14856.00
Alfred Wallace14134.00
Dillin Irby184$12.50
Dillin Irby18210.00
Dillin Irby13822.00
Dillin Irby13916.50
Martha Tramell24215.00
Martha Tramell24125.00
David Walker28646.00
David Walker28440.00
David Walker1611100.00
David Walker25326.00
David Walker25426.00
David Walker25520.00
David Walker25918.00
David Walker131110.25
David Walker13410.00
David Walker131210.00
David Walker13310.00
David Walker13110.00
David Walker13810.00
David Walker13211.50
David Walker25223.50
David Walker16221.00
David Walker42535.00
W. T. Larremore281066.00
W. T. Larremore350.00
W. T. Larremore7210.00
John Tuttle25825.00
W. F. Denton17325.00
B. H. Smithson17125.00
B. H. Smithson17218.00
B. H. Smithson25131.00
B. H. Smithson1127.00
E. A. Sweeney17950.00
E. A. Sweeney18820.00
A. Yell4115.00
A. Yell42116.00
L. Brodie17755.00
H. M. Hill830.00
William Dugan30185.00
William Dugan30370.00
William Dugan251110.00
William Dugan251221.00
William Dugan251016.00
J. M. Sweeney18720.00
Oneismus Evans161510.00
Oneismus Evans16250.00
George McGarroh131530.00
William Skelton15413.00
William Skelton15313.00
William Skelton15216.00
William McGarroh157100.00
A. S. Walker550.00
James Byrnsides16652.00
James Byrnsides167144.00
James Byrnsides161025.50
James Byrnsides161140.00
James Byrnsides31717.00
James Byrnsides31823.00
Alfred Dobbs30582.00
M. H. W. Mahan26560.00
M. H. W. Mahan26350.00
M. H. W. Mahan312$30.00
M. H. W. Mahan31320.00
M. H. W. Mahan31414.00
L. C. Pleasants281267.00
C. M. McClellan307125.00
C. M. McClellan30810.00
C. M. McClellan30910.00
William M. Kincaid306114.00
William M. Kincaid25732.00
John T. Cox281175.00
John T. Cox19125.00
B. H. Martin261250.00
John B. Webster261332.00
John B. Webster31931.00
John B. Webster19225.00
John B. Webster3510.00
John B. Webster3613.00
John B. Webster3412.50
M. H. Clark261550.00
M. H. Clark17428.00
M. H. Clark18315.00
M. H. Clark18112.50
M. H. Clark2215.00
M. H. Clark1121.00
W. D. Hart26821.00
W. D. Hart2320.50
P. V. Rhea17841.00
R. W. Reynolds28955.00
R. W. Reynolds28855.00
R. W. Reynolds287101.00
George Freyschleg30480.00
George Freyschleg311131.00
James Sinclair301125.00
James Sinclair301010.00
James Sinclair301218.50
Isaac Murphy12111.00
Isaac Murphy12210.00
Isaac Murphy12314.00
Isaac Murphy12414.00
L. Evans17535.00
L. Evans13510.00
J. M. Tuttle311045.00
Wilson Bros16387.87
John S. Blair6150.00
Matthew Hubbard4237.00
Matthew Hubbard42417.00
John Lewis28560.10
John Lewis281516.00
John Lewis1610100.00
Samuel O. Harris281710.00
Samuel O. Harris281614.00
Samuel O. Harris32722.50
Samuel O. Harris14420.00
Samuel O. Harris14515.00
Samuel O. Harris14215.00
Samuel O. Harris14315.00
William Meek16885.00
W. Marrsw½412.00
J. M. Hoge13715.50
J. M. Hoge131012.00
D. R. Mills281811.50
D. R. Mills282$15.00
J. H. George281910.00
Jackson Bigelow261439.00
Jackson Bigelow261106.00
Solomon Tuttle15622.00
Solomon Tuttle15520.50
John G. Stout2115.00
William Wilson261426.00
J. & G. Laplin26919.00
J. & G. Laplin18616.00
James Irvin302101.00
James Irvin301311.25
James Irvin301410.50
James Irvin301510.00
N. Coffman28322.00
John Ransom281$11.50
Samuel Alexander3717.00
Samuel Alexander3312.00
Samuel Alexander32610.50
Samuel L. Marrs32510.50
Samuel L. Marrs3810.00
James Boone31610.00
James Boone14717.00
James Boone14611.50
James Boone39614.00
James Boone32411.00
James Boone9420.25
James Boone16112.75
James Boonee½4012.00

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Source: History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas. Chicago, IL, USA: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.

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