Lone Valley Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

Lone Valley Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

Location & Information

  • Four miles Southeast of Hatfield on Six Mile Road (Polk 34) just after McDaniel Chicken Farm on right.
  • Section 29, Township 3 South, Range 31 West
  • Parcel #

In this cemetery on 7/24/1983 there are eighty-two visible graves which are either unmarked or the markers are not legible.

The Six Mile Road (Polk 34) is important as it is the only approach to this cemetery. It is also interesting to note, to the observing motorist, that this road forks one mile west of the cemetery, forming two roads, each the Six Mile Road. The north fork intersects the Old Line Road near the edge of Hatfield. The south fork extends along the Six Mile Creek and intersects the Old Line Road about a quarter of a mile north of the Old Liner Place.

Mr. A. M. Bruce, a pioneer of this settlement, provided a two acre plot to be used for a cemetery. Mr. Bruce first gave this land under a ninety-nine year lease, but later made the endowment permanent. He and his wife are buried here.

About 1945, Mr. Vic Crane donated an additional two acres of land to the cemetery. (History by Virgil Wheat)


Tribbet, Nina Louise, 1943-1944 or 1945 (Father: Oren Lee Tribbet, Mother: Dollie Bell Tribbet)
Tribett, Two infant boys of Father: Oren Lee Tribbet, Mother Dollie Bell Tribbet
Wilson, Letha Bell – 2/13/1942 – 6/30/1950 (Father: Bryant C. Wilson, Mother: Hattie L Wilson)
Wilson, Doris Roberta – 7/1942 (Father: Bryant C. Wilson, Mother: Hattie L. Wilson – Stillborn Baby Girl)

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