Polk County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

Little Africa or Piney Cemetery, Nunley, Arkansas

Location & Information

  • One mile South of Nunley, North of bluff that overlooks Board Camp Creek. The writer had stated Board Camp Creek; however, where the writer located the Cemetery this is really Wolf Creek. You would turn right on Polk 56 and stay straight on Polk 57.
  • ? Section 35, Township 2 South, Range 30 West
  • or Section 2, Township 3 South, Range 30 West ?
  • Parcel #

Frank Hill, the Allens, The Moores, the Will Rays, Bob Gray, the widow Bimer and her three small children, Aunt Becky, Aunt Fanny, Nelse Ray, Cicero and Aunt Cush were some of the “black folks” who life in the Little Africa Community, also known as Cicero Gap.

The building which served the community both as a church and a school with the cemetery on a hill just behind it was located on part of the Gail Estep farm, which is now owned by David Jones (3/13/1984).

Nothing is known about the people buried in this cemetery. Perhaps they are relatives of those families who lived here many years ago.

Cicero and Aunt Cush lived in this quiet, pleasant community several years after the other families had moved away, some settling near Texarkana while others moved on to Caddo Gap. When they grew old, Cicero and Aunt Cush also moved to Caddo Gap to be near other relatives.

There are no “black folks” left in this community to tell the history of the Little Africa Cemetery which is sometimes called the Piney Cemetery.

Darrell Osborn tried, a few years ago, to locate this cemetery. He found a few native stones where he though the cemetery might be, but he found no tombstones with names or dates. It is now a part of the woods and is overgrown with trees and bushes.

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