Hilton Cemetery, Board Camp, Arkansas - FM

Hilton Cemetery, Board Camp, Arkansas

Location & Information

One mile Northeast of Board Camp on a farm known in 1983 as the Eigsti Farm. On hwy 8E at Board Camp, turn left onto co. road #63, go about 3/4 mile and turn left onto co. road #657, a dead-end road. Cemetery is across a metal bridge. Turn right after crossing the bridge and cross a field. Cemetery on top of hill to the right. Cemetery is on private land.
Pt SE NW and Pt NE SW of Section 28, Township 2 South, Range 29 West
Parcel # 02389 and 02390

Although there is a fence around this one-half acre cemetery, it does not keep the animals out. They have overturned and broken many of the tombstones. This cemetery is overgrown with weeds, bushes and trees, and is in an overall bad state of condition. There are about 50 visible graves that do not have markers. This report was made on September 30, 1983.

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