Polk County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

County Poor Farm Cemetery, Potter Junction, Arkansas

Location & Information

One-half mile North of Potter Junction off Highway 71 near K.C.S. Railroad
Section 28, Township 2 South, Range 31 West
Not Listed on the Polk County, Arkansas Tax Roll

The County Poor Farm was a place where old folks could live if they had no means of supporting themselves. The county paid from twelve to fifteen dollars a month for the care of each person living here. This money provided the bare necessities of life-clothing, food, and medicine.

When the old folks died, many were buried in a cemetery on the county farm. Their graves were marked with native rocks. There is no longer any resemblance of a cemetery here. The rock markers have been scattered and trees have grown up through the graves. In this quiet wooded spot rests many of those who, through their working years, never thought they would end life’s journey at the “County Poor Farm”.


  • Cole, J. D., – 8 Mar 1928
  • Davis, Mary Ann, Mrs., 7 Aug 1863 – 29 Jan 1940
  • Dixon, Simon (Dickson), 3 Sep 1835 – 7 Sep 1920
  • Goff, W. R. 1835 – 28 Apr 1911
  • Jones, W. R. – 8 Nov 1911
  • Kimbrough, (Male) – 30 Jan 1923. Probably an unnamed baby.
  • Lee, Charles M., – 3 Dec 1935
  • McKibben, John, 20 Oct 1838 – 13 Aug 1905
  • Unknown, – 17 Oct 1910
  • Unknown Tramp, – 5 Aug 1933
  • Vibbird, William M. “Bill”, 31 Jan 1861 – 13 Feb 1936

1 thought on “County Poor Farm Cemetery, Potter Junction, Arkansas”

  1. Martha Anne Moser

    So sad, but thank God for a place to stay. I have a 3rd cousin buried in an unmarked grave in Austin Tx, buried in the State asylum cemetery. I’m hoping to mark his grave.

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