We took the liberty of changing the abbreviations of first names (Jno, Geo, Chas etc.) to full spellings and also added alternate spellings to some of the surnames. We have transcribed this same directory for different states, and the enumerators seem to often use phonetic spellings. Names that seemed odd we checked out through census listings and Findagrave and added what we thought might be correct. Some were VERY odd (did not even come up in a Google search), but we could not figure out what they were probably supposed to be, so we just left them.

Submitted to Jefferson County AHGP by Jefferson County volunteers.

Names and P.O. Addresses of Farmers in Arkansas, p. 18

Names and P.O. Addresses of Farmers in Arkansas, p. 18

Red Bluff:

E Archapd [Archard?], P Archard, E Harris, William Harris, H B Starn, John Windrham [Windham?], John Cleaveland, John Shelton, R S B Mauk, W B Hursley.


Garretson’s Landing:

M Garretson, J E Bryan, John M Clayton, Sol Franklin, Chance Harris, Asa Keosie, L G Garrett, Charles Howson, T H Jackson, V Kimbrough, Thomas  Timpeon [Timpson?], Robert Ford, B F Kelly.


Pine Bluff:

S J Hollensworth sr, C E Shanks, Z A Lumpson, William Maddex [Maddox?], I L Thomas , A Bryant, Corcoran & Mathews, C R Breckenridge, Austin & Son, J W Pitts, R R Fittshugh, V D Wilkins, G Meyer, T A Hill,  W H Taylor, John Currie, A J Nixon, Jim McGehee, J A Dorroh [Darrah?], G W Phillips, W G Hughes, S R Cockrill, James Trulock, R C Bertrand, C M Neel, A Niven, T P  Blackwell, A H Ingram, M Currie, Thomas Dunnington, James Maurer, William Mowrey, H W Scull, H J Wright, J W Walker, L Saller, D W Johnson, S McAlmont.


Plum Bayou:

W C Daniels, James Patey, J E Arbuckle, W G Arbuckle, F Castery, John R King, F Reypun, W McGhee, Andy Reeves, W M Samples, J W Samples, J H Samples, D H Johnson, R McCall, W E Chambers, M D  Davis, D P Jones, H C Daniels, W Gilburt [Gilbert?], P Juntry [Gentry?], Charles Deutsch, J Y Saunders, J M McElray [McElroy?], S P Wair, W M Dortch [Deutsch?], W C Kyle, T H Eaton, C Caldwell, S M Reeder, H B Odon, L S Mitchell, J B Core,  George Bradie, J B Miller, F Vogal, W A Temm, Dan Easley, John Sharp, B S Temple, D Harrison, G W Chapman, D H Saslor, W N Morris, S W Wilbourn, S Wilbourn, W H H Cantrell, J T Cook,  J S Palmerton, James Conley, R H Hasley, J H Jones, T M Jones, J R Heelan [Healan?], M Robinson, Jim Saterfeld [Satterfield?], T J Barnes, H T Langston, J P Johnson, R Ford, J R Ford, Sampson Williams, W T Morrow, J W Twon.


Names and P.O. Addresses of Farmers in Arkansas, p. 19

Names and P.O. Addresses of Farmers in Arkansas, p. 19

White Bluff:

M Mock, M M Puckett, W G Campbell, A F Campbell, W G Campbell, Dave Tole, Tom Thrower, Henry Keeler, Nelson Cheeks, Dick Cheeks, Charlie Virgell, Joe McBeth, Madison McBeth, George Anderson.



B R Donelson, Mey Neaskill, William Dean, A H Lawhorn, Maj Gibson, Jim Gibson, J W Gibson, Ed Span [Spann?], N O Vowell.



L Tanner, Mrs Stythe, S Richardson, Alex Inloe, H Young, Silas Smith, J B Williams, Frank Smith, B Richardson, Mr Omens, W G Sennett, Creed Taylor, A Brunson, J Williams, John Gannon, T J Wells,  T J Stokes, W D Rice, Joe Ramsey, J W Lambee, W Williams, B F Richardson, J W Moore, M G Dennett, George Taylor.


New Gascony:

Asa Branson, John Roth, G A Walding, Silas A Smith, John Williams, George Madding, B Madding, John M Gracie, John M Bass, C Taylor, J W Moore, John Roth, John W Hall, A Brunson, B F Richardson, M H Williams, H Young.


Original Source:

Names and P.O. Addresses of Farmers in Arkansas, p. 18 & 19. Published: P.P. Mast & Co., Buckeye Agricultural Works: Springfield, Ohio, 1878.