Liberty Cemetery, Board Camp, Arkansas

Liberty Cemetery, Board Camp, Arkansas

Location & Information

  • About two miles Northwest of Board Camp, Left on Polk 660 off of Highway 8 East, left on Polk 657, right on Polk 63, Left on Polk 59, cemetery on right
  • W/2, SE, NW, Section 21, Township 2 South, Range 29 West
  • Parcel # 2216

Liberty is one of the older cemeteries in Polk County. It is located in the Crystal Hill Community. There were two graves herein 1867 when a wagon train, lead by Jason Harrison, stopped in this area, due to illness of the travelers.

The grandchildren of Jason Harrison, seven year old, Marry Harris, and twelve year old, Jason Harris, died in January 1867. They are buried here and two white crosses marked their graves until the late 1960’s.

Jason Harrison had left Kosciusko, Mississippi in December of 1866. His destination was Texas. However, he and the others decided to settle in this area, when his daughter, Ebbie Harris, refused to go any further, leaving her small children behind. Here Jason Harrison, several of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren area buried.

Green Conn, the guard on the wagon train, his wife, Mary, some of his children and grandchildren are buried here. In 1870 his mother, Nancy Allen, was brought from Mississippi and is buried here also.

In the center of the cemetery are the graves of a mother and her child who were also travelers and were the first buried here. The mother’s grave is covered with slate rocks and the child’s grave is outlined with white rocks. The names of this mother and child have long been forgotten.

At one time, there was a small log church house located on the cemetery grounds. It was used by the Methodist Church. When the church was discontinued, the building was moved to the Hale’s farm.

There are about 60 unnamed graves in this cemetery.

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