Grannis Cemetery, Grannis, Arkansas

Grannis Cemetery, Grannis, Arkansas

Location & Information

One block west of Highway 71 in the city limits of Grannis, Arkansas
SW, SE, Section 18, Township 6 South, Range 31 West
Parcel # 4000-00284-0100

The community of Grannis was first believed to have been called Leon, with a little church on the hill near the present location of the cemetery. When the rail road came by in 1898, the name was changed to Grannis, honoring one of the crew.

Short and Peckering operated a sawmill and planer near where the cemetery is located, also. Several of the mill hands and their families were stricken with a fever and some died, probably accounting for some of the earlier graves.
The earliest grave marking in the Grannis cemetery is dated 1881, but the name is not distinguishable. Other old monuments include those of Bee Lee Rouse, 1890; Ira Ellis, 1897; Jessie Bolden, 1898; and Izara Conner, J. W. Nobles and Dewey Patton in 1899.

On August 14, 1899, President William McKinley issued to James W. Hurley, a homestead certificate for 160 acres of land in the town of Grannis. Mr. Hurley gave two acres, more or less to be used as a cemetery. This included the graves already on the ground. This original area was almost full, so Clift Lane gave land in 1970, and an additional piece to the south, consisting of a strip forty fee by three hundred and twenty feet in 1981.

Over the years, the cemetery had become neglected, except for a few graves that local survivors cared for. In 1968 some concerned members of the community decided that it would require the combined efforts of all interested survivors to keep it permanently in good shape. A Committee was formed, and annual Homecoming-Memorial date set for the first Sunday in May of each year. Annual participation was remarkable, and the cemetery became a beautiful place. Former residents and descendants from all over the nation enjoyed the opportunity to get together for an all-day affair.
The meeting took place at the school house, a native stone structure built in the 1930’s until it was completely demolished by a tornado in 1979. Homecoming was then held at the Baptist Church.


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  • Simmons, Claudine – 12/18/1917 – Avinger, Texas – 4/23/1992 – DeQueen
  • Married to Clifford C. Simmons. Father: William T. Fowler; Mother: Ada B. Orand.
  • Simmons, Billy Joe – 1/20/1942 – Grannis, Arkansas – 8/24/1942 – Grannis
  • Father: Clifford C. Simmons. Mother: Claudine Fowler Simmons
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