Polk County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

Brumback Cemetery, Mountain Fork, Arkansas

Location & Information

West of Mena on Highway 8 and South of Mountain Fork
Section 3, Township 2 South, Range 32 West
Not Listed on the Polk County, Arkansas Tax Roll

Mr. Emmett Evans owns the land (2-4-1984) where the cemetery is located. Although there is only one tombstone, Mr. Evans says there are about six more graves that are unmarked in this cemetery.

Austin Brumback once owned this land. He had one daughter who Mr. Evans remembers. Her name was Avis Brumback Biedelman. She died about ten years ago in the Mena area.

The following detailed directions to the cemetery was furnished by Mr. Evans. Twelve miles west on Highway 8 from Mena. Turn left at intersection and go across the Mountain Fork River, on a wooden bridge; stay left; cross cattle guard, pass an old log house. About one-fourth mile below the old house is an old steam boiler from a sawmill. The cemetery is located about 100 yards to the right upon a hill.


Brumback, Austin M. – 1857-1951

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