Polk County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

Bates Cemetery, Big Fork, Arkansas

Location & Information

Two or three miles SW of Big Fork Post Office
Section 28, Township 3 South, Range 28 West
Parcel # ?

Even though several attempts were made to find this cemetery, it could not be located. The following information was taken from an article written about 1969. Somewhere near Polk 615.


  • Bates, Clemmy
  • Bates, Aunt Ellen Crawford in 1980
  • Bates, Sr., George
  • Bates, George Earl (infant of Riles)
  • Bates, Holly & Cansada (children of Geo & Ophelia)
  • Bates, Jr., Elisha George
  • Bates, J. T.
  • Bates, Nancy Ann Bowen (2nd Wife)
  • Bates, Ophelia (wife of Geo, Jr.)
  • Bates, Riles (her husband)
  • Bates, Aunt Sis Stags (wife of Geo, Sr.)
  • Bates, Tennie Walker (wife of Geo, Sr.)
  • Bates, Washington
  • Crawford, John
  • Crawford, Nancy Bates (wife of John)
  • Smith, Little Lurena – (daughter of Sallie Smith)
  • Smith, Little Annie (daughter of Jane Smith)
  • Ward, Mary Ellison Bates

Grandchildren of Eld. Bates: Edna, Virgie, Lula, Frank, Alice Shelton & Baby

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  1. Melba Reynolds McCinton

    The Bates Cemetary is located on land owned by Ruth Ann Putman William’s and her husband

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