Prairie Creek Township

In April, 1859, John B. Putnam, with fifty other citizens of Sugar Creek, White River and Big Spring Townships, filed with the county court a petition for the formation of a new township taken from the above townships and bounded as follows, to wit: “Commencing at Henry Moor’s; thence to the mouth of Prairie Creek; thence up White River to William Graham’s farm; thence to George Callahan’s on the State road; thence to and with Osage Township line to Sugar Creek; and thence up Sugar Creek, making the bed of said creek the line up to Blankenship’s farm, and thence to Henry Moor’s at the beginning.” The prayer of the petitioners was granted, and the township was named Prairie Creek, and the voting place was established at Job R. Mona’s mill.

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Source: History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas. Chicago, IL, USA: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.


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