History of Scott County, Arkansas

The History of Scott County, Arkansas by Henry Grady McCutchen serves as an attempt of an impartial and connected account of the leading facts of Scott County history. The history cannot be told, however, by combing the county records. Scott County has been unlucky with record keeping. It’s Courthouse having burned to the ground twice, the first time in 1882 before Henry McCutchen had a chance to reference them. Not to be disheartened Mr. McCutchen utilized State and Federal resources to put together a concise history of the county. That effort is found below. It can be read or downloaded as a PDF.

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Table of Contents

  1. The First Inhabitants, p. 9
  2. The First Whites, p. 12
  3. Traders and Hunters, p. 15
    1. The French
    2. Anglo-Saxons
    3. Nuttall’s Expedition
  4. The Formation of the County, p. 22
    1. Early Political History
    2. Close of Territorial Days
  5. New Statehood, 1836-1861
  6. Period of the Great Civil War 1860-1874
    1. Secession
    2. Military Events
    3. Women of the War Period
    4. New Constitutions
  7. The Scott County War, 1874-1879
  8. Growth and Development, 1880
    1. Post Offices and Postal Routes
    2. Roads and Bridges
    3. Schools and Churches
    4. Newspapers
    5. Towns and Villages
    6. Definition of County Boundaries
  9. Appendices
    1. Heads of Families in Scott County in 1830
    2. Heads of Families in Scott County in 1840
    3. Roster of Company D, First Regiment of Arkansas Volunteers. Raised in Scott County, 1861
    4. Names of Scott County Men who Participated in the World War (1)
    5. County Officers
    6. Members of the State Senate from the Scott County District


McCutchen, Henry Grady, History of Scott County, Arkansas, Little Rock, Ark.: Printed by H.G. Pugh & Co., 1922.

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  1. Please do a history of Independence County and neighboring county. My ancestors settled in those areas in and around 1850s: Barnes, Williamson, Beard, thank you.

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