Jackson Cemetery, Cove, Arkansas

Location & Information

  • About three miles North of Cove off Highway 71 and about one-half mile West (Polk 25) of Highway 71 on land owned by Richard and Faye Davis (2/26/1984)
  • Township 3 South, Range 32 West
  • Parcel # ?

There are no tombstones in this cemetery, but the following inscriptions are carved on field rocks and are very legible as of 2/26/1984. There appears to be four or maybe five other graves here, but they are not marked in any way.

Richard Davis has lived on this land over fifty years and to his knowledge, no one has ever come to see the graves or to place flowers on them.

Richard does not know the name of this cemetery. He knows that Phillip Jackson once owned the land and that Harvey Barton owned the adjoining land during the Civil War.


  • C. D. – (This is all of the inscription. Richard Davis says the last name is Deaver.)
  • Deaver, G. – (no dates)
  • Jackson, Phillip – d 11/4/1860 – 78 Years 6 Mos 23 days
  • Stewart, J. (no dates)
  • Wm. J. – d Dec 1885 (34 Years)

Phillip Jackson Family

Phillip Jackson was married about 1841-1842 in Clarkville, Grayson County, Texas to a Ms. Abiah ‘Baker’ Dyer. She had two children from _____ Dyer before she divorced him.

Phillip and Abiah had eight more children of there own.

  1. Andrew Jackson born c: 1843 in Grayson county,Texas, killed in Civil War.
  2. Mary ‘Jackson’ Deaver Born c: 1845 married Gabriel Deaver (see below) had one child daughter Addie Deaver born: Dec 25, 1896. Gabriel is likely the G. Deaver in the list of internments above.
  3. George Jackson Born c: 1847 in Polk County
  4. William Jackson born c: 1849. Probably the Wm. J. interred above, but the dates do not match up well.
  5. Phillip “COOL” Jackson Jr. Born c: 1851 in Polk County stayed in Hood County,Texas, where he was a judge.
  6. Martha Jackson Born c: 1853 in Polk County: unmarried
  7. Henry “BUD” Jackson Born c: 1855 in Polk County.
  8. Samuel H. Jackson Born c: 1858 in Polk County, went to Oregon Territory.

Gabriel Deaver Family

He was the son of Richard Caswell Deaver and Mary Singleton. Gabriel Deaver first marriage was to a Rebecca Cathey. They signed marriage bond # 000065267 in Haywood County, North Carolina on 17 Mar 1832. They moved from Polk, Tennessee to Cherokee County, Texas in 1851 or 52, where they stayed for ten years. Rebecca died in 1863 after they move to Granbury in Hood County,Texas. He then married a Miss Mary Jackson before 1870. He became quite ill, so Mary took him to to Polk County, Arkansas, where he died in 1870. Mary and Gabriel had only one child, a daughter Addie, born Dec 25, 1869. Zelma Deaver Draper, Grandaughter of Gabriel and his first wife Rebecca, stated that most of this information on the Jackson and Deaver came from a Booklet By Abiah’s Jackson brother, Wilson Barker.

The following information has been researched and collected by the webmaster of Arkansas Genealogy. Research into the Deaver family is confusing online, as parentage is attributed to multiple couples, and children are listed differently. I have taken my information from census records for both couples and then extrapolated that into family groups.

Children by Rebecca Jane Cathey:

  1. Mary C. Deaver, born about 1833.
  2. Levi N. Deaver, born about 1835. Enlisted, 1862, in Company I, Texas 10th Infantry Regiment as a Private.
  3. Sarah Ann Deaver, born about 1839.
  4. John C. Deaver, born about 1843. Married Elvira _____ before 1870 and had an unnamed son living with them on 26 Sep 1870, age 1 month. Resided beside his father in Hood County, Texas.
  5. Norey Nicey Escena Deaver, born 9 Sep 1847. Died 11 Mar 1899 at Granbury, Hood, Texas. She married Benjamin John Mabery. John was born to William Joshua Mabery and Sarah Elizabeth Tinnin Crites, born 25 Aug 1849 in Stoddard County, Missouri, and died 9 Jul 1896 in Granbury, Hood, Texas. They were both buried in Mitchell Bend Cemetery.
  6. Jane Deaver, born about 1850.
  7. Lurana Matilda Deaver, born 19 Dec 1852 at Stephenville, Erath, Texas, and died 30 May 1932 at Weatherford, Parker, Texas. Married Drury Roach Kincaid 4 Feb 1874 at Stephensville, Erath, Texas. Drury was the son of Robert Kincaid and Sarah Catharine Chastain, born 21 Jan 1850 in Union County, Georgia, and died 26 Apr 1901 in Parker County, Texas. They were buried in Curtis Cemetery at Weatherford.
  8. Frederick Marion Deaver, born 15 Feb 1856 in Cherokee, Texas. Died 13 Jan 1936 in Ingleside, San Patricio, Texas. Buried in Rockport Cemetery, Rockport, Texas on 14 Jan 1936. Married Mary Magdeline Taylor in Parker, Texas on 22 Sep 1895. Mary was the daughter of John L. Taylor and Elisa A. Spain, born 7 Sep 1876, and died Sep 1946.
  9. Porter Deaver, born in 1859.

Gabriel and Rebecca Cathy Deaver also adopted a young child into their family, who later in life took on the name of Deaver.

  • James H. S. Hokes, born 14 August 1848. By 1860 he was known as James H. Deaver. He died 27 Oct 1917 at Buffalo Gap, Taylor, Texas. He is buried in the Buffalo Gap Cemetery. He married Martha Jane Davis, daughter of Lemuel McQuary Davis and Katherine M. Watson; born 4 Nov 1861 in Erath County, Texas, and died 31 Aug 1943 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas. She is buried in the Abilene Municipal Cemetery.

Children by Mary Jackson:

  1. Addie Minerva Deaver, born 25 Dec 1869 in Granby, Texas, and died 6 Aug 1950 in Dallas, Texas. She married _____ Oakes.
Gabriel Deaver
Believed to be a photo of Rebecca Jane (Cathey) Deaver
Believed to be a photo of Rebecca Jane (Cathey) Deaver
Maberry Family, Nicey is in the front row, right, with her hands in her lap.

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