Polk County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

Downs Cemetery, Rich Mountain, Arkansas

Location & Information

Four miles West of Rich Mountain on Highway 270 and 59
Section 1, Township 1 South, Range 32 West
Not Listed on the Polk County, Arkansas Tax Roll

On the left side of the road, about one hundred yards up the mountain, past what is known as the Down’s place, lies the Downs Cemetery. There are six or more graves here, all are unnamed and unmarked. The following four names are the ones who are known to be buried here.


  • Downs, Loranza – d-1930
  • Downs, Susie – d-1901
  • Kelm, Lucosta “Berry” – 1845-1897
  • Mart Ellis – died in late 1800’s – Son of Lucosta Berry Kelm & Johnny Ellis

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