Polk County from the 1854 Colton Railroad and Township Map

Clem Miller Cemetery, Cove, Arkansas

Location & Information

This cemetery is located about a mile South of Cove and one-half mile East of Highway 71 on land that is now owned by Carol Schultz.
Township South, Range West
Parcel #

According to Opal Siegler the graves are the kin of Clem Miller who probably homesteaded this land. Among the briars and trees are three graves, two of the graves have tombstones and the other may be a foot-stone. No one seems to know anything about this cemetery. It is not fenced and is used for pasture. These are the tombstone inscriptions:


  • Lowhorn, Minnie H. – 6/20/1876-1/25/1901
  • Miller, Archy A – 6/8/1898-5/1899
  • R. J. S. – This may be a footstone and the headstone for this grave may be lost.

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