Antioch Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

Antioch Cemetery, Hatfield, Arkansas

Location & Information

Two Miles North of Hatfield, Arkansas, on Highway 71
Section 13, Township 3 South, Range 32 West
Parcel # 0000-10460-0000

The first people to settle on the land where the cemetery is located were the Floyds, who moved to Polk County from Georgia. Mr. Floyd was the great grandfather of Mrs. Joe Anders of Hatfield, Arkansas. There were already several graves here when the Floyds arrived. Many of these earlier graves were covered by small house-like structures.

In later years a Baptist Church was built near the cemetery. The Old Line Road was near the Church house.

Although there are no tombstones marketing their graves the wife of Henry Floyd, the great grandfather and the great grandmother of Mrs. Joe Floyd Anders are buried here. Also the Greens who came from Georgia, relatives of Mrs. Joe Anders, are buried here.

In 1926, Joe Anders donated two acres of land to be known as the Antioch Cemetery.


Beavers, Hattie – 3-29-1885 to 7-30-????
Beavers, J. G. – 6-15-1815 to 4-20-1891 (no tombstone-but told info of grave)
Beavers, Margaret Ann – 7-6-1934 to 9-30-1916
Branch, Burrell – 5-5-1826 to 5-14-1906
Dupree,C. C. – 5-23-1838 to 5-30-1913
Dupree, L. J. – 8-30-1842 to 6-3-1924
Entlis, E. W. – no dates-homemade stone
Grain, Loyd “Baby” – 5-30-1931
Green, Hannah – 10-17-1817 to 8-16-1902
Green, W. W. – 2-3-1813 to 10-7-1887
Hamilton, Henry G. – 8-17-1845 to 3-29-1928
Hamilton, Mollie T. – 11-18-1855 to 12-23-1917
Hamilton, Charles Truman – 1-14-1908 to 10-9-1921
Head, Susan Elisabeth – 11-8-1839 to 10-27-1895
Holmes, Harry P. – 1898-1975
Holmes, Ida Elizabeth – 1869-1947
Holmes, Virgie – 1900-_
Leming, Zona – 7-30-1888 to 10-3-1932
Madewell, Mattie ? – 12-6-1878 to 10-2-1898 (wife of J. W.) last name may be Madeville
Mason, Celia J. – 7-24-1876 to 9-29-1932
Mason, David L. – 8-16-1872 to 7-12-1959
Parham, C. M. — 2-9-1871 to 8-2-1906
Wilson, Arra – 12-12-1835 to 5-30-1913

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