Welcome to the Watson and Park Family Forest

A collection of closely grown family trees

Cornfield, 1941

This website is intended only for the genealogies of the WATSON and PARK families of Heelstring, Arkansas, and those connected with these families.  Below are the surnames of the lines on which I am currently working.





Where on earth is Heelstring?

Sometimes a forest grows so thickly that it is difficult to navigate through it and sort out its various components.  The Heelstring community can be compared to this in some instances.  For example, I am related to the children of E. Thomas and Lucie Orella (PRATT) ADAMS in six different ways. Another example is that my mother is related to a childhood friend by three different connections.  Heelstring was indeed a small place.

Within the family pages on this Web site you will notice the term "private" for some individuals.  This is done to protect the identity of those persons still living as well as those who have died within the past 20 years.  Of course, as one's genealogy is never really finished, these pages will always be under construction.

A big thanks to Linda Park Merrell, Paula Watson Williams, Julia Watson Hicks, Eula Huggins Watson, Ruby Huggins Bradshaw, Ola Dowdy Huggins, Stella Park Hagar, Billy Beasley, Lois Park Lingle, Almeda Park Elliott, Lois Caywood Guffy, Ruby Huggins Hicks, Gayland Hicks, Michael Hicks, Jack Jeffries, Marie Taylor Nelson, Judy Tooman, Auldeane Smith Cates, Debra Winn Walker, Willa Park Crawley, for sharing information.  And a very special thanks to my father, whose genealogies were finished decades ago and showed me the proper organization, and to my mother for sitting down with me when I was thirteen and explaining how each of her 23 cousins was related.  After that August evening I was hooked.  Without their interest and support it just wouldn't be any fun at all.

If you have any questions, comments, or additional information, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at S_cotStout@aol.com (be sure to remove the underscore after the first character before e-mailing).

Information on my paternal surnames:  STOUT and CAYWOOD.

Updated 5 Jan 2012.