2002 Lawrence County Arkansas Queries

DATE: Tuesday December 31 2002
NAME: Jenny Vasquez
EMAIL: jenvasgeneology@msn.com
QRYTEXT: I am searching for Foster families in the area of Lynn, AR and also white, union AR . My great, great grandfather was Isaac {Ike} Foster and gg grandmother Pollie {Patton} Foster. Their son was Silas Foster. Anyone with info on this family please contact me. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Tuesday December 31 2002
NAME: Wayne Henry
EMAIL: w.d.henry@worldnet.att.net
QRYTEXT: I'm looking for obituaries for George Austin Henry, Dr. George Perkins Henry, Thomas Henry from around 1900 Hoxie/Walnut Ridge area. Any ideas about possible sources? Thank you for your help. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Thursday December 26 2002
NAME: N.J.Skinner White
EMAIL: VWhite0901@aol.com
QRYTEXT: Looking for a connection to the Jefferson Thomas WHITE b. 1874 IA family.......Jefferson m. Lovinnia WOODS sometime bef 1911.....They lived in Smithville, AR. I know that two of their children were born in Smithville and possibly the rest were as well. They were: J.T. WHITE, Kenneth Lee WHITE, Andrew WHITE, Ollie WHITE & Susan WHITE. If you have any info on this family I would like to exchange family info with you. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Wednesday November 6 2002
EMAIL: MandMzzzzz@aol.com
QRYTEXT: Looking for John C Holt, Lemuel Holt or any Holt's in Lawrence Co, 1880's thru 1930's. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Thursday September 19 2002
NAME: Sidney K. Brantly
EMAIL: skbrantly@mac.com
QRYTEXT: I have not determined the father of Francis Brantly who was born in NC in 1833. In 1860 he was living with a wife and 2 boys in Merion Township in Lawrence County Arkansas. Can you help me determine who was his father? Would appreciate any help you can give me. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Thursday September 19 2002
NAME: Candice Bancroft
EMAIL: Candice.L.Bancroft@swf02.usace.army.mil
QRYTEXT: I am looking for any Netidire information. The farthest that I can go is my great-great grandfather whose name is Joe Netidire who lived in Jackson Arkansas. He was born 7-7-1884 and died around 11/73. I never knew him and no one really has any history on him. I believe his kids were James Franklin Netidire, Ira Netidire, and Barbara Netidire. James F. Netidire is my great-grandfather who died at a very young age. I have been told the name Netidire was a given name. (not the real last name) So if you know of any information that might help I would truely appreciate it. The spelling may be Nettidire or Netidire. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Thursday September 12 2002
NAME: Bonnie Davis
EMAIL: bjd620@mbo.net
QRYTEXT: I have been trying to find ANY information on my g-grand father, Name: R. A. McCall (aka Alfred or Alford) McCall married to Ellen Victorine Holt in October 26th 1889 Lawrence Co. of Walnut Ridge , Arkansas. age of R. A. McCall at time of marriage is (looks like ) either 25 or 21 years old and Ellen`s age at the time of marriage is 19 years old. On my Grand fathers birth certificate:Charles William McCall: it states Father as Alford McCall living in Warm Springs, Ar mother Ellen Holt, living in Warm Springs at time of birth Also on a 1900 census for Warm Springs township it states Charles McCall and his mother Ellen Holt living with her brother Louis Holt, a family member said that R. A. McCall was killed or died shortly after Charles was born , Charles was born in 1893 I would be so grateful if you could find any thing on R.A. McCall , as I can not travel and try to use the internet as much as I can. I don't know R. A. McCall`s parents name or when he was born or where he died or how. I cannot thank you enough for your time. Is there a county clerks office that might be able to help me in this research? --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday September 9 2002
NAME: Brad
EMAIL: bbrit@pdq.net
QRYTEXT: I am searching for any information on my GGG-grandfather, David Claxton, who lived in the Duty Township, Lawrence Co, AR in 1860. The 1860 Lawrence Co. census is the last record I have been able to find on him. He was near the age of 60, so he may have been buried in the area. His wife and son later moved to Newton Co, AR. They are on the 1870 Newton Co, AR census without David. Where is the Duty Township? I would appreciate any help. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday September 2 2002
NAME: Norma Brady
EMAIL: jnbrady@cox-internet.com
QRYTEXT: Am interested in contacting James E. Dent who has an article in the "Mother of Counties- History and Families".I am interested in the land grants of Josiah Dent. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Friday August 23 2002
NAME: Earl Coolman
EMAIL: ecoolman@kconline.com
QRYTEXT: I am trying to find a birth record for Everett Wayne Coolman. He was born on July 15, 1902 in Black Rock, AR, near Powhatan, in Lawrence County. His parents were: George Daniel Coolman and Clara Effie Mattie Coolman. The parents were born in Fort Wayne IN. Is there any way I can get a birth record for Everett? Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday August 19 2002
NAME: James L.McMillin
EMAIL: jmcmilli@gfn.org
QRYTEXT: Searching for information on Uriah Francis Matney, husband of Jane Housholder Matney, who died in Smithville in 1916 after giving birth . He later married Marry Fleetwood and was on the census in 1820 in Lawrence co. THANKS! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Saturday August 17 2002
NAME: Ben Drollinger
EMAIL: GayRae@aol.com
QRYTEXT: I am looking for the burial site and any information on the Family of Abraham Lindley and Marie Curtis Lindley whom appeared in the 1860 Census in the Black River Township. Several children are listed and I would like to trace them also. Thank you for any information you may be able to supply. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Wednesday August 14 2002
NAME: Pamela Marshall Thing
EMAIL: things@netease.net
QRYTEXT: Researching family of my great grandfather George W. Buchanan. George W. Buchanan was born 1866 in Missouri. Died 1943 buried in Trinity cemetery near Bono, Craighead county, Arkanasas. George had a farm in behind Bono in Greene County, Arkansas. Moved there about 1929. Found in 1910 census near Manilla, Big Lake Township, Mississippi county, Arkansas. First wife Cannie Long b. abt 1873 Missouri. Died about 1911 near Manilla, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Children: Adie Buchanan, Della Buchanan, Clay Buchanan, Lillie Buchanan, Maggie Buchanan, Andrew Buchanan Second wife Ellie Guinn b. 1894 in Jackson county, Alabama. Died ? Children: Audy Buchanan, Dorothy Buchanan, Joseph Buchanan, Carol Buchanan, Allie Buchanan, and Georgia Lee Buchanan. Six more children names unknown. There were a total of 19 children. Ellie Guinn divorced George W. Buchanan about 1940 and remarried ?. Adie Buchanan and Cora Guinn are my grandparents. They settled in Sedgwick, Lawrence county, Arkansas. Many of Adie Buchanan's siblings settled in Lawrence County area. Ellie Guinn 2nd wife of George W. Buchanan was sister of my grandmother Cora Guinn. I have Guinn/Buff/Willbanks/Gladden family info and will share. Would really like to have more information on Buchanan line. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday August 05 2002
NAME: Homer Jones
EMAIL: papahgj@msn.com
QRYTEXT: I am looking for information on GEORGE ALBERT JONES who married MOLLIE ELIZABETH MULLENS December 25, 1898. The marriage license is from Lawrence County and was recorded in Sharp County. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Friday July 26 2002
NAME: Gerald Winger
EMAIL: gwinger@essex1.com
QRYTEXT: I am looking for the following names in Lawrence County near Walnut Ridge: Kissee, Ponds, Harris, Cole. There is a Kissee Cemetery between Walnut Ridge and Portia. I am looking for a Plat map of that area from around 1900 - 1940. If anyone has any information please let me know. Thanks so much. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Thursday July 25 2002
QRYTEXT: Looking for connections, information on my great grandmothers family: Amanda Carhirne Davis (my great grandmother)b. 12-1-1893 in Hardy, Arkansas, d. 8-15-1965 and buried in Batesville, Arkansas married Denzil Sanford Madden (my great grandfather) b. 1-22-1872 in Olney, Richland, Illinois, d. 2-6-1942 in Hardy, Arkansas. This was second marriages to both. Their children were Jennie Amethyst b.1895 d. 1896,Philemon Edward, Artie Annie, Cassie (died at age 20), George Haven, b.1903 d.1906, Robert Leonard (all from Denzil's first Marriage) Virginia Williams, Henry Williams (from Amanda's frist Marriage) Snow and Jewell Madden (my grandmother). Denzil's brothers and sisters were Harve Madden, Springfield, MO. Neil Madden, Illinois, Christy(Madden) Woolridge, Thayer, MO., Lily (Madden) Angelos, Mattie (Madden) Sedalia, MO., Carrie (Madden)Springfield, MO.,Goldie (Madden), Denver, Co., and Springfield, MO., Bell (Madden) no info given, Josephine, who died young. His parents were James Haven Madden b.1842, d.1886 and Margaret Ann Williams, dates unknown. His grandparents were Samuel Madden and Alice Wheeler, and Edward Williams and Olive Duvall. Amanda's brothers and sisters were Bertha Antha (Anthy) Davis, b. abt 1895, Joseph Davis, b. 1897,d.1898, Ether Lee Roy Davis, b.1899, Harvey Davis,b.1901, d.1902. There are 4 male children still living but I dont know their names and my grandmother mentioned other siblings with names of Andrew, Kathleen, Vera, Mae, Stella and Henry, but I could not find records of them. Amanda's Parents were William Henry Davis,b.8-15-1868 Arkansas, d.2-16-1940 buried in Walker Cemetary, Hardy, Sharp Co. Arkansas. and Hannah Estelle Todd, b. abt 1872, Arkansas. William Henry Davis had several Brothers and sister. They were Columbus Lee Davis,b.2-7-1873 Randolph Co. Arkansas, d. 11-14-1955 buried in Caraway Cemetery, Caraway, Craighead Co., Arkansas, Ezicar Davis,b.abt.1881,d.abt1883, Gus Garland Davis, b.1883,d.1888, Nancey Davis,b.12-5-1879 Randolph Co. Arkansas, Emeriah Davis,b. 10-11-1878 Randolph Co.,d. 9-11-1965 Joneshow, Oregon Co., Missouri buried in Walker Cemetery, David Walker Davis,b.2-6-1875, d. 3-21-1943 Woodroff Co.,Arkansas,buried in Walker Cemetery. Columbus Lee Married,5-19-1904, Lucy Viola Lamb b.2-6-1888 Lawrence Co,d. 12-18-1958 in Caraway. Their children were Paul Davis,b.and d. 1927, Ada Elizabeth Davis, b.1-22-1907 Walnut Ridge, d. 1-31-1982 West Covina, L.A., California, buried 2-5-1982 in Rosehill Memorial Park Whitter California, Rosie Mae Davis, b. 5-22-1910 Hardy, Arkansas, d. 2-19-1969, Blythville, Mississippi Co., Arkansas, Clarence Delbert Davis, b.5-25-1912 Sharp Co., d. 6-27-1985, Harvey Stanford Davis, b. 6-1-1905 Walnut Ridge, d.9-1939. Callie Bell Davis, b.8-1-1914 Hardy,d. 11-18-1987 Dade City, Pasco, Fla.,buried 11-21-1987 Floral Memory Gardens, Dade City, Fla., Bertha Janie Davis, b.9-11-1920 Hardy,d.6-11-1991 Jones Hospital, Trueman, Ark, buried Truman Cememtery, Harrisonburg, Ark. He has one daughter still living. David Walter Davis, Married Amanda Emmaline Stark, b. abt 1879 Randolph Co. Their children are Mary Lesse Davis, b. abt 1900, Randolph co., Martha Effie Davis,b. abt. 1902, and 4 females still living. Emeriah Davis married Mary Jane Rogers, b. abt 1882 Randolph co. and they have 6 female children still living. Their Parents were John Harvey Davis, b.8-10-1839 in Alabama, d. 10-24-1891, Hardy, Sharp Co., Arkansas. buried in Walker Cemetery. and Martha Ann Manda Lott, b. 10-16-1844 Lawrence Co., d. 12-24-1922 Hardy, Sharp Co., Ark. Walker Cemetery. Martha's Parents were John Lott, b.abt 1819 Lawrence Co, and Narcissa Lott,b. abt 1825 Lawrence Co. Her siblings were Hannah L. Lott, b. abt 1848, Zebulon Lott, b.1853., Franklin Lott, b. 1856.,Minerva Lott, b. 1859 John Harvey's Parents were John Davis, b. abt 1818 in Tenn. and listed as Mrs. John Davis, b. abt 18121 in Tenn. He had a sister namened Martha Elizabeth Davis,b. abt 1841 in Alabama. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday July 22 2002
NAME: LaVonne Hurst Allen
EMAIL: lavonneallen@webtv.net
QRYTEXT: I am a descendant of Fielding L Hurst and wife Elizabeth who may have went by Bettie. They lived and died in the Black Rock community in Lawrence Co. during the 1890 ..1900 time era. I have been unable to find any kind of burial or death record for them. My Gt. Gt. Grandfather's Civil War Pension gives address: Powhattan, Lawrence County, Arkansas. He Died; 27 April 1907. I do not know when she died, I have been told both the Hurst and George families lived there. Can someone PLEASE HELP, I've hunted for them for 23 yrs, and have hit the 'old brick' Wall. I Remain, 'SERIOUSLY SEARCHING ' LaVonne Hurst Allen --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday July 15 2002
NAME: Dawn Kuntze
EMAIL: jkuntze@msn.com
QRYTEXT: Hi I am looking for information on John Middlecoff 1/16/1860 who died 4/30/1954 in Hoxie. The death records that Bryan funeral home had stated that his mothers name was Jane but that is all that I have. I know of his wife and family but can find nothing on his place of birth or fathers name. He apparently was Indian and his father and brother died fighting for the union. Any information or hints on where to go from here would be appreciated. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Tuesday June 25 2002
NAME: Fred Odum
EMAIL: fred.odom@cox.net
QRYTEXT: Seeking information on above families. SOUTHWORTH family arrived in AR about 1840, living in the Evening Shade area (then Law Co). W.S. SOUTHWORTH m. Mary C. CLARK. A Methodist minister, he lived in several towns in NE Ark before retiring to Walnut Ridge about 1910 and operating a shoe store. GLENN and MITCHELL families arrived about 1890 from Hamilton Co, IL, generally locating in the Strawberry/Lynn area. ODOM family arrived from Randolph county about 1910, living with W.S. Southworth. Have extensive information on all families except that of Mary C. CLARK. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Tuesday June 25 2002
NAME: Carolyn Paladino
EMAIL: Carolyn.Paladino@trz.com
QRYTEXT: Looking for any information about my ggrandfather, Alanson H. Nodine. He was born in New York and died January , 1909 in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. He was married to Marietta Arizon (Zona) Morgan Nodine. They had several children, Charles, Jemima Caroline (my grandmother) and 3 other children. Zona moved to Hayti, MO. Any information would be greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Wednesday June 19 2002
NAME: Dorothy Carr Graff
EMAIL: dotag@bossig.com
QRYTEXT: I am searching for John C. Carr's marriage to Mirta Galaway, marriage date: 26 Nov 1899 in Lawrence Co. AR. I am trying to determine if this John Carr is my great-uncle who was born to Mills and Elizabeth Carr in 1861 or 62 in MO and is buried in Dow Cemetery, Benton Co, AR. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Saturday June 08 2002
NAME: SJ George
EMAIL: georgesharonj@hotmail.com
QRYTEXT: Searching for info on Rodney H & Sarah Renfrow Armstrong lived in Lawrence county 1850. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday May 31 2002
NAME: Sandy Anderson
QRYTEXT: Seeking info on Andersons. Daniel C. and Sophia (Johnson) Anderson (of Illinois to Missouri and on to AR) and children: Edward O., Ellie, Nellie, Alphy, James A. and Hardin W. Hardin W. appears in 1888 in Greene Cty marrying Addie Cole with burial in Lafe, AR. Their child (William) is buried in Lawrence Cty. James is buried near Walnut Ridge. Anything sound familiar ? I am at my brick wall. Pls and thanks. Sandy Anderson --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday May 28 2002
NAME: Velvarose Rowland Turner
EMAIL: Jturnertots@aol.com
QRYTEXT: Seeking ancestor information on the marriage of Beever Rowland and Bertha. They were married at his time of discharge from the Army in WW1 and ended by death of Bertha by 1927. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Monday May 27 2002
NAME: Hollis Bond
EMAIL: burlbond@charter.net
QRYTEXT: Nancy Louella Anderson was born 10 December 1860 in Lawrence County. Am seeking names and all other available data on her parents. Will truly appreciate any assistance. Hollis Bond, Mansfield, TX 76063 --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Saturday May 25 2002
NAME: Tom Smith
EMAIL: monkeytom@hotmail.com
QRYTEXT: I am looking for any info on Bob Kennedy. He was a WW II veteran. He lived in either Sharp or Lawrence County Arkansas. He was a truck driver, who, while driving a truckload of sugar, hit a train and died when the load caught fire. This would probably have been in the late 1940's or early 1950's. The accident was supposed to have been somewhere on the west coast.He is supposed to have been my grandfather, Forest Smith's 1/2 brother. Forest Smith died in 1950 and is buried in Townsend cemetery. I have a picture of him in uniform. Thank you, Tom Smith --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Sunday May 19 2002
NAME: Charles Upton
EMAIL: CUpton1036@aol.com
QRYTEXT: I am trying to find information on the family of Louis Martin that lived in Black Rock. The last reference I had showed him there in 1962. Are there any volunteers or resources that could check a City Directory for 1961 or 1962 to confirm his residence or any additional family members? Thank you in advance for your assistance. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Tuesday May 07 2002
NAME: C.R. Horton
EMAIL: carlyn@arkansas.net
QRYTEXT: Can anyone tell me if any descendants of the following children of John (b. 1824) and Mary (b. 1833) Martin, Duty Township, 1870, still live in Lawrence County: James, John, Margaret, Robert, Clemanda, Thomas, Mary J., Felix W and Dolph B? Thank you very much. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Saturday April 06 2002
NAME: Donna
EMAIL: GMae47@aol.com
QRYTEXT: Looking for information on these people, Anna Lacy Brooks, born in Newport, Ark. Married a Brooks. Nola Lee Lacy McDoniel, born Nov. 5, 1906 Newport,Ark. Died Nov. 18, 1992 Little Rock. Ark.. Nola married Alfred Hubert McDoniel. Ella Lacy Brock, born in Newport,Ark Married a Brock. last known address was Midwest city, Okl. Orion Kibble Lacy, Born, March 6, 1897 in Newport, Ark. died Jan 30, 1941. I'm trying to find out who the parents are to the Lacy there brothers and sister and also trying to find out who Anna and Ella husband were and if they have any children. Would appreciate any information on these familyl There is one thing the Lacy father had one leg. He lost it in a accident in the train yard where he was working. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Tuesday March 26 2002
NAME: Mary
EMAIL: mlsnyd@cox.net
QRYTEXT: am looking for information on Sampson Banks b. 9/19/1834 IN. and Martha Elizabeth Pryor Banks died Lawerence Co. 04/27/1930, buried in Townsend Cemetery. Am trying to find out where my grandmother was born, Mary Nellie Whitesides, daughter of Martha Elizabeth Pryor. She was said to be born in Northern Arkansas Jan. 04, 1880. And as far as I know Martha was living around the Lawerence and Sharp counties in Arkansas. She worked as housekeeper and laundress in Imboden, Ark. and supposedly died in a nursing home in Imboden. Would appreciate any information. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Sunday March 10 2002
NAME: Judy Schmidt
EMAIL: cutensassy@attglobal.net
QRYTEXT: I am looking for information pertaining to a Stephen John Schmidt B. 3/29/1919 D. 05/31/1949. He was married to a Lena Ophelia Hitt Schmidt. They had four children. He was killed in a car accident in 1949 somewhere between Pocahontas and Walnut Ridge. I am not sure if it was in Lawrence County or Randolph County. Any information would be helpful. He is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery in Pocahontas. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Tuesday February 19 2002
NAME: Charleen
EMAIL: Charlijonsn@aol.com
QRYTEXT: Looking for any descendents of Moses H Swan. Owned land in Lawrence Co in 1855-56. Children were John H Swan, Thomas Swan, Cynthia Swan, Sarah R Swan, Joseph Swan, Allan K Swan. He was my great great grandfather. --------------------------------------------------

DATE: Friday January 18 2002
NAME: Pam Kerzner
EMAIL: pamk@home.com
QRYTEXT: CRABB,Fountain Rogers and Elizabeth BRASHEARS. Possibly lived in Ash Flat, Sharp/Lawrence Co., AR in 1870ís. Looking for more info. This is my gggggrandfather/grandmother. I have a copy of Bible records.


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