Cozart Family

Anthony C. Cozart was born July 6, 1810 in Rowan County North Carolina.

     He married Mary Ann Thomason, daughter of George and Sarah Clary Thomason on March 24, 1831 in Rowan County. Anthony was a grandson and namesake of Anthony Cozart, a revolutionary soldier. The Cozart family first arrived in America in 1662 when Jacques and Lea Lydia Velleman Cossart arrived in New Amsterdam from Leiden, Holland.

     Anthony C. and his wife, Mary came to Lawrence County Arkansas about 1851, along with their children, Sarah, Laura, Almedia, William F., Sophia, Mary, Margaret, Clarissa and Harriet. They traveled from Rowan County, North Carolina to the Lebanon area of Lawrence County with a number of other families, including Mary Ann's brother, Burgess Thomason and family, her sister Elizabeth and husband Benjamin Blackwell and Sarah Mahalia and husband.

     Anthony patented land and made farming his vocation in Lawrence County. They owned a flour mill, cotton gin, blacksmith shop, cattle, sheep, and tanning shop to make their shoes and saddles. The women made cloth at their looms, clothes, and even their own sugar from maple syrup boiled down to sugar.

     Being devout Presbyterians, the Cozart family donated land and helped build the Lebanon Church. A blacksmith, Anthony made square nails for the construction from old horseshoes. Anthony Cozart and Benjamin Blackwell were elected deacons of the church. The old log church is located between Lynn and Eaton on Hwy. 25. The cemetery there is the resting place for Anthony, Mary Ann and many other family members.

Anthony died December 2, 1878, and Mary Ann died June 24, 1871

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W. F. Cozart to Sarah E. Moore

This to certify that I C. C. Borah an ordained minister in the Baptist Church, my credentials recorded in the Recorders Office of Lawrence County, Arkansas, preformed the marriage ceremony and this 7th day of November 1861, between William F. Cozart aged 23 years and Sarah E Moore aged 28 years all of said County

C. C. Borah

Filed Nov 12th and recorded Dec 10/61
A. Dowe, Clk
?? Office Recorder

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